Blend Games Preview: Sonic Unleashed

Blend Games writes: "Those of us who haven't given up on Sonic still feel as if that poor, old, haggard blue hedgehog still has some life left in him to be redeemed. And trust me, there's not much of Sonic that doesn't need to be redeemed. So on the plus side Sega has decided to take a new turn on the Sonic franchise by bringing back some of the old elements that made the speedy blue meeny so popular back in the nineties. I didn't think I would be saying this, but it's good that Sega is finally bringing back some of the 2D side-scrolling elements that made Sonic fun in the first place. There's also a new character transition for Sonic and a revamped behind-the-back camera for the 3D platforming. But that's just part of what Sega is doing to unleash Sonic this fall."

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