Watch_Dogs 2 looks really, really stupid

The sad thing is, Watch_Dogs 2 could be really great. It certainly looks far better than its predecessor, but there's just something infuriating about it.

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Next_gen_20152948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I think a lot of people misunderstand Watchdog 2 direction. The youth of today are more tech savvy than ever. I guarantee in a couple years, there will be more young professional hackers living amongst society.

WD2 represents the future of hackers

hay2948d ago

Well, its Poopisoft, they never do it right the first time. Give them some credit, it'll be acceptable this time.

Eonjay2948d ago

Actually, its interesting because we don't know what the actual story is about so all of the comments I am reading are judging the game based on the fact that they don't like the look of the protag. Disappointing, but expected.

Bimkoblerutso2948d ago

Well, I think a lot of the complaints have more to do with the fact that this franchise in particular seems to promote the general social ignorance and misplaced sense of altruism that this young "movement" has kind of become known for in real life.

Ubisoft seems to want to tackle tough subjects in the same way that modern day "hackerz" seem to tackle them: with a detached sense of consequence-free anonymity.

pompombrum2948d ago

There are many young talented hackers but WD2 doesn't really capture what they are like at all.. it's far too edgy, even by young hacker standards. They love to joke around yes but the gameplay they shown didn't really capture that properly at all, it was far too try hard.. just look at the middle finger flashing gif they had playing when they "owned" the system.. not even teenager hackers are that edgy, they'd be far more likely to use a popular meme photoshopped.

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Geekman2948d ago


You know what, hay, maybe this game is for you.

Angeljuice2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Did you read the article? He's complaining about things like a toy drone that could barely lift its own weight carrying off a ton of server with ease.
I don't know how your comment is relevant to the article.

EDIT: After reading through the comments section I'm not sure anybody read the article.

2600Thunder2948d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

MIT would argue otherwise. This is Hollywood Hacking. Cracking is not close to authentic in this game and my MIT brother and his MIT friends are not like this or like the people in Big Bang Theory, but can "hack the world".

Smh that people believe Hollywood and journalists misrepresentations and stereotypes.

EDIT: I was responding to a comment, not the article.

wannabe gamer2947d ago

even though its version of hacking couldn't be further from the real thing

hay2947d ago

@Geekman: Be nice or I'll tell your mommy.

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jb2272948d ago

To be fair, if this game plays anything like the first Watch Dogs, the coolest aesthetics in the universe couldn't save it.

I always assumed the game got a bad rap & was better than most would have you believe but I finally picked it up on the cheap & I'm currently playing through it, and it is easily the most frustrating open world I've ever played.

Checkpoint system is garbage...enemies are overpowered bullet sponges while Aiden is killed in a couple shots, even on easy...level layout doesn't take advantage of the cool systems, try to trigger a trap, hit a poorly placed camera instead.

I have hit multiple infuriating roadblocks but the absolute worst is the one where I am fighting Iraq on the rooftop now. I've been killed a dozen times, and every single time you are reset back to Iraq's Slowly........and........poorl y.........delivered.........mon ologue. Tired........of........sitting .......through.....it! The enemies charge your cover & huge Gatling guns & extremely heavy armor, so I try to be tactical & place mines & bombs during the incessant monologuing, but the enemies spawn in different locations every time....typically right behind you, instantly killing you to death.

Easily the most frustrating game I've played this gen, not because it's difficult but because it is cheap. There is no mastering a game that can't be bothered to play by its own rules. I'm afraid they have left all of these poorly designed systems in place & only listened to the criticisms about the driving & poor characterization.

This game will be another one I may buy when it hits $5, no chance in hell I'm a retail buyer...I'm just no a glutton for punishment like that.

starchild2948d ago

I don't agree. All I care about is whether I have a good time playing it. Because, let's be honest, if games had to be realistic in order to be considered good most games would be abject failures.

Even really popular games like Uncharted 4, which I loved, are not realistic. 90% of what happens in that game is completely unrealistic. But it's fantasy and it's fun.

marioJP872948d ago

Looks as if it's catering to hipster teenagers.

Erik73572948d ago

To a bunch of middle schoolers

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Lamboomington2948d ago

and the game is aware of that. The devs are not dumb.

I like it because that's fun, and it's done in a lighthearted way. Not to mention, that mission when he puts his headphones on and infiltrates, it just looks like a lot of fun.

jer11222948d ago

Looks retarded looks like it's for anyone under the age of 18

Christopher2948d ago

My first thought at that scene is if it was optional because I don't want to listen to whatever they think I want to listen to.

Gh05t2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

My first thought in that scene was WHY on this great big planet would you drown out one of your best senses while infiltrating a government officials location surrounded by security... my next thought was If they had already pulled all the hard drives out on the counter to be destroyed what was left connected to the network... then it was WHY the hell didnt they just cut the power... I mean again they said these were professionals and a bunch of skids are running circles around a professional team of presumably forensics and security experts LOL GTFO. That kid would be dead and thier would have been nothing to upload because all that shit would have been turned off, or if it was on it was wiping it and wouldnt be able to be stopped to run whatever BS usb program he put in.

Im with the Author, anyone who knows anything about Information Security knows how much BS it is and its hard to live in that fantasy world with a group of people who just want "Followers" to upgrade your weapons from your forums and crap this games a joke, and not a funny one.

Errorist762948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

There is nothing, absolutely nothing hipster about rebellion and working against the corrupt system. If this was hipster I wish more people were hipsters these days!

Kreisen2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

This protag is a hypocrite lowlife. You dont stick it to the man by going around killing people and destroying their property.

Funny you call yourself "Errorist", your mindset is that of T-errorist....

Errorist762948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )


I prefer to be a hippie with ideals instead of sheepl like you. Just look at the actual election US election choices to see where it brought you.


It's your problem if you take video games too seriously.

Metallox2948d ago

@Kreisen You can complete the game without killing anyone or destroying anything, thanks to the new stealth mechanics. So it's up to you, mate.

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pompombrum2948d ago

And they went too far catering for them, the game looked far too edgy to the point where they are going to end up alienating older gamers. They could have easily found a more common neutral ground where they could tell the same story with the same protagonist without having to be so damn edgy about it. To be fair, I'd have probably gone nuts for this game back when I was like 14 but now, no chance.

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