Insomniac: “Spider-Man PS4 is our biggest production”; “Spider-Man is perfect for us”

In an interview with Marvel on Facebook, Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar discussed the development of Spider-Man PS4.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Aah that E3 trailer... Insomniac and Sony do amazing stuff together.

Looking forward to a demo/trailer at PSX

Summons751124d ago

Hope they give a mid 2017 release date for it. I'd be a perfect summer game.

Retroman1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

This is the BEST!!! Spider man game i've ever seen. matter of fact it was the Highlight of E3 for me.

if only the logo was black spider instead of white spider on the costume.

Deadpooled1124d ago

And that was a pre alpha!

Nintentional1123d ago

Pretty sure there will be all kinds of unlockable suits, per usual. Can't wait for this game, Zelda, Death Stranding, and Recore.

mocaak1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I don't understand how Insomniac is still not a Sony studio, after working together for so long. I doubt that Sony is not interested in buying such a talented studio, maybe Insomniac wants to stay independent.

WeAreLegion1124d ago

I've talked to Ted about this. Sony has brought it up on multiple occasions. Insomniac was never interested in a purchase. I'd like to see Sony acquire them, but respect their willingness to do their own thing.

InFAMOUS11124d ago

They for sure what to stay independent. You can bet every Publisher has tried to acquire Insomniac at some point.

Staying independent has allowed them to go from titles such as R&C to Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, Spyro, Fuse as well as mobile and Oculus Rift titles. This is a tremendous resume and warrants their continued business practices.

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago

They are one of the few Studios that I believe should probably stay independent.

If Ted Price and his team are happy with this Arrangement then so be it if that keeps his team in positive Spirits creating great games then that's all we could ever ask for.

I personally feel this Arrangement could work with a lot of teams some teams I'm not sure can be all year round developers and likely just need to be contracted Developers.

Retroman1124d ago

I think Ted price rather work and keep his employee's working instead of selling out to Sony. probably why they still independent.

Retroman1124d ago

The real Question is : why do owners of said studio sell out knowing their employee's depending on them.
pull security of stability right from under them.
i give Mr. Price much respect caring for his employee future.

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Playable_Gamez1124d ago

E3 trailer of the show.
I don't get how people didn't see this as Sony's biggest announcement.

Maybe because Spiderman was a big part of my childhood and it's just a breath of fresh air that Spiderman is going to be good for once in the last 10+ years.
The Arkham games just made me beg for a quality Spiderman game.

thehitman1124d ago

its probably because people thought it was multiplat, Sony should have made it clear it was coming as exclusive developed by insomniac and it would have generated more hype.

BlackTar1871124d ago

#spidermanPS4 was pretty good at saying exclusive but i can also see how that would confuse people.

Whatever looks great, no doubt it will also be top notch. Please don't make Venom or Carnage the main villain.

i know people won't agree but i want the Spider slayers or Kraven as the main villain but i see how they may not be good enough to be the main villain.

OB1Biker1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

It's called Spider-ManPS4 though :). It seemed clear enough to me. Plus the trailer you can watch on the PS site is labelled as PS4 exclusive too

Playable_Gamez1124d ago

Sony was pretty clear that it was an exclusive.

Majin-vegeta1124d ago

Shattered dimensions was pretty good

BlackTar1871124d ago

It was totally underrated enjoyed the hell out of that game.

PhucSeeker1124d ago

It was good fun for a few hours. But come on, the real spidey experience is all about swinging around the city and occasionally helping bystanders.

badz1491124d ago

I'm so intrigued to get this. I couldn't be happier when the trailer was first shown. can't wait for this!

Majin-vegeta1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Im hoping for lots of unlockable costumes.Preferally my all time spider man costume.

BlackTar1871124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

That's Rose spiderman right?

I really like Spiderman 2099 and Spiderman Noir

Majin-vegeta1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

No thats Iron Spider Armor.It was given to him by Stark.

Deadpooled1124d ago

Yes the Iron Spider, surprised it wasn't included in Civil War movie (understandable that since Spiderman is back in the MCU they didn't want to confuse casual watchers) but would like that epic suit to appear in either the Homecoming (as Stark is now funding his MiT education and gave him some new tech) or the Infinity War films.

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