Game Boyz Review: King of Clubs

Game Boyz Writes:

"While King of Clubs' visuals are colorful, the mini-golf courses and games environments lack any real detail or sophistication. Granted I did not expect EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA quality, however I was expecting the environments and characters to look a little sharper and cleaner. I also noticed some jaggies and some of the visuals simply looked dated. For instance, the surrounding trees look dreadful and characters look grainy. On the plus side though some of the water and lighting effects are decent. The games menus are also easy to read and use which will certainly appeal to your younger gamer.

While the overall presentation could have been improved, the speed of the game is good. The loading times however can take some time but once you get into a game there is no noticeable slow down. At the end of the day there is nothing visually innovative with King of Clubs visually speaking."

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