There Could Be A Future for the Fable IP, But There Weren't Any Serious Buyers for Lionhead

Phil Spencer sees a possible future for the Fable IP. However, he denies that there were serious buyers lined up for Lionhead studio.

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Herbalistic1795d ago

There aren't going to be major publishers lined up to buy an empty shell of a studio.

Sciurus_vulgaris1795d ago

The Fable/Lionhead sale (for 100s of millions lol) rumor was started by Craptaku, after an. "Interview" with an alleged "Lionhead Dev". Gears of War sold for less than a 100 million; the gears franchise is much more successful than Fable with more attached merchandise.

Alexious1795d ago

Well sure, Gears of War is undoubtedly a lot more valuable than Fable as an IP.

Chris_Wray1795d ago

I don't doubt that there were interested parties. The Fabe IP is just worth more to MS than Lionhead were and I bet MS either tried to sell Lionhead without the IP or asked for too much. Still, if MS see a future in Fable I believe they'll end up rebooting it, the IP is damaged after some bad outings.

Garethvk1795d ago

People would rather develop their own stuff.

ccgr1795d ago

Never played the series but it's a shame regardless

ScorpiusX1795d ago

Of course the IPs were the sought out prize , no one wanted the Studio . Good thing MS kept the IP , look forward to seeing what they do with it .

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