Should You Buy the Xbox One S?

There's going to be a lot of navel-gazing over the coming weeks as Xbox fans wonder whether they should get the new Xbox One S. Honestly, it's not a hard question. Of course you should.

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2pacalypsenow2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

If it can Bitstream Audio for Blu rays yes since it would replace my 4k Blu ray player, if not ill keep my current Xbox. But that 4k upscalling sounds nice I need to see it in person before deciding.

darthv722953d ago

I do believe the optical out on the slim can accommodate your audio needs.

VforVideogames2953d ago

I get it the Xbox One has an Elite controller so now the Xbox has an Elite console : scorpio

GameNameFame2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

To alot of people Scorpio or Slim isnt appealing.

Despite how some fans are kicking and screaming, having all games available to PC lower Xbox appeal SIGNIFICANTLY.

There are three types of gamers that buy console:
1. gamers that hate PC
2. Gamers that are neutral to PC
3. Gamers that already own PC. (over 100 million btw)

MS just removed a major reason for market 2 and 3 to buy their console. Xbox now appeals to much smaller group of people than it used to. Fans will try to conveniently only talk about market #1 ,but none of them can tell me why people will spend $300 bucks for no extra games. LOL.

SavageFlamingo2954d ago

Honestly...yes. I have no need for the Scorpio since I don't have the money to upgrade to a 4k TV that supports 4k@60hz@4:4:4. It's truly for the people with disposable income.

RosweeSon2953d ago

Yeah I saw what happened with HD... Oh that's not FULL/TRUE HD this 1080i is... Not jumping into 4K when I'm already hearing of 8/12K not only that I'll never pay more than £499 for a telly unless won the lotto or moved house and was for my sitting room or something.
I paid £349ish less for a 32" True HD Bravia even does 3D not that I have any glasses but the options there... Oh 3D has failed on a major scale some people use it sure but only a minority unless maybe at say a cinema. I could buy glasses if i wanted to tho... Happy to wait it out and see what happens with the tellys over next 2/3 years before I think about upgrading again.

Sweendog0072953d ago

i can see your point but 4k has now been decided the format of it, thats why 4k blu ray discs are now shipping and 4 channels are being made

8k content is at least 15 to 20 years away

however the next logical step is no discs at all, and streaming and no set up boxes to watch live tv ... everything done through apps, such as HBO go, ESPN ... apple have started pushing this process along a few years ago, and its not taking off yet , they removed disc drives from computers, some other companys do that.

4K is now set in stone for 10 years tops, all you need to know is that 2012/13 and some 2014 models can't get 4k content through HDMI 4k devices , that don't mean they can't be used but just not 4k , it would down scale it to 1080

A lot of people will buy the xbox one s, and if people are happy sit around and wait thats fine too, thats the whole point of MS and their way forward giving people a choice, on when to update and when they see when the time is right.

jmc88882953d ago

Here in the states it's been possible to buy a 4ktv for $259 for the last 2 years. Even the 4k/60 ones are now down to $499-599. I'm talking 39-50".

Soon you're likely to see the vast majority of HDTV lines become 4ktv lines, and you'll see even cheaper prices than now. Anyone buying a tv for more than $150 right now should be buying a 4ktv of some sort, unless they want 3D.

vegasgamerdawg2953d ago

Uummm.....MOST gaming is disposable income. A few rare cases where surgeons and such practice with them. You a surgeon? Or just somebody that doesn't know what "disposable income" means?....lol.

jmc88882953d ago

You don't need 4:4:4. 4:2:0 even looks great. It doesn't look like the pictures on the web say.

Also Scorpio isn't powerful enough to run 4k like you think it is.

Think 1080p on Xbox One, and then realize that Scorpio will run 4k/60 worse than that. In other words, it's MUCH EASIER for games to hit 1080p/60 on Xbox One then 4k/30 on Scorpio.

It can definitely do 4k, especially older games (except those older games won't support Scorpio) and they'll be relegated to games releasing in 2017-2020, and those are going to take alot more power to run at 4k/60. As I've said before, it likely could of run Battlefield 4 at 4k/60 with dips, it definitely could do Battlefield 3 at 4k/60. But newer and years ahead ones of Battlefield 1, 5, or 6? Likely not a shot in hell.

Indie games, possibility of FIFA or Madden at 4k/60 (small box games), but Open World games and FPS are likely not going to be 4k/60.

kakashi812953d ago

I wouldn't say disposable income, rather extra money for it. As for me I'll be getting both the slim for my nephew and the Scorpio for myself. :-)

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majedx92953d ago

No... play the games on a windows 10 PC

343_Guilty_Spark2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Build me a system for $300 that includes a controller and can play 4k Blu-Rays + HDR.

Gol3m2953d ago

Well I have mine pre-ordered but you're putting way to much emphasis on HDR

roland822953d ago

Hell, build me a $300 pc that could run Forza Horizon 3 in 1080p 30 fps.

Babadook72953d ago

PS4K will do all those things tho. With 3.5x the graphics.

Fin_The_Human2953d ago

Love how W10 has become so popular with the Sony fans lately.

MS loves you for supporting W10.

badz1492953d ago

It's free. It's not like it cost $300 like the Xbone S will.

I upgraded to Win 10 a couple of months ago after they announced QB was coming to Win 10. I still don't like it that much but I didn't pay a dime for it too. I guess I'll just have to start to like it. But 1 thing for sure, with my R9 390, games run better than the Xbone S ever will be able to. and I love using my DS4.

DragonDDark2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I don't care who will take my money. I just enjoy my ps4 & pc combo. Xbox is useless to me.

Gol3m2953d ago

It was forced upon me. Not that I care too much for either manufacturer anymore. I think they're both heading for a shock with these update consoles

Lennoxb632953d ago

I think its hilarious that Sony fans complained about a 600 dollar console, now all of a sudden they're PC gamers. The irony is strong.

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Aenea2953d ago

Another one of these articles? How many do people need to decide?

343_Guilty_Spark2953d ago

Looks like people on Amazon are already deciding.

Aenea2953d ago

Yeah exactly, so why the need for a bunch of basically the same article?

S2Killinit2953d ago

Only thing is that then you would have to buy the scorpio in like 6 months time. So i would say its a waste of money unless you have enough disposable income that it doesnt matter.

343_Guilty_Spark2953d ago

Why would you HAVE to buy the Scorpio.

S2Killinit2953d ago

You dont but i would. Im just saying they are being released extremely close to each other.