Top 5 Embarrassing and Worst Moments of E3 2016

This year’s E3 was pretty good. Now let’s laugh at what was terrible.

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jessionpc2948d ago

The M$ conference?

Loved that part where they announced after the show that DR4 wasn't exclusi- ohh waaaaaait... NOTHING is exclusive. Silly me <3

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Deadpooled2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa and those other snobs at Battlefield 1 forcing that segment into a celeb gossip show, diverting the attention of them gladly getting owned by the YouTubers online every match. It's like the YouTubers were playing with bots in their team.

Edit - I fully apologise for discriminating bots by comparing them with these so called 'Celebz'

Gitgud2948d ago

CPU's are better than celebs. That's an insult too the CPU community

scark922948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Bots are much better than the Celebs! To be fair, Terry Crews seemed cool and he played with a Mouse and Keyboard lol, gotta love him!

Seraphim2947d ago

You can't throw that segment on the list. I mean did you see when they cut to Snoop? at one point he was puffing a J.

Blacklash932948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Overall, I thought Ubisoft's conference was much less cringe-y this year. I also appreciated the self-awareness and slight self-deprecation from Tyler. :P

Shubhendu_Singh2948d ago

My best part from Ubisoft's conference was South Park's devtalk. Those guys are hilarious.
And Aisha Tyler was alright throughout the conference.

Though everybody loves the Just Dance bit. My god how hyped the gamers around the world were to see it. /s

scark922948d ago

I hope Aisha Tyler stays with Ubisoft for a long time as I think she is good, also the cringyness is part of the fun when watching E3.

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Dagexon2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I actually really enjoy Aisha Tyler's presence during ubisoft's conferences. It's sorta quircky but I'd say it makes the conferences more enjoyable, especially this last one that was so long and spent so much time on things like a full match of eagle flight and the behind the scenes footage of the assassin's creed movie.

dcbronco2947d ago

You gotta wonder how many of the guys constantly criticizing women who appreciate games only have love for their moms. And her basement.

Relientk772948d ago

- The last game Ubisoft showed. Seriously some dumb skiing game or whatever? That's your big finale.

- Lack of any surprises, WOW moments, or big new games at Microsofts conference

Hold_It2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Agreed. Can you believe this was the E3 that was supposed to be their 30th Anniversary of existing as a company? I can't. No Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell is a Sam Fisher DLC skin for The Division, no Rayman, and Ghost Recon x Division Cross over (What people might as well called Wildlands), and that SSX knockoff. Oh, can't forget that Trials x Blood Dragon (I mean Trials Of The Blood Dragon). What a cringe concept, and their opening was just, suicide worthy.

Edit: When I was watching the Microsoft E3 I saw Phil had that Original Xbox shirt on, and I got super hype hoping that he was going to say the next update for the One was going to add original Xbox BC, and when he didn't say it I was pretty disappointed. At least Dead Rising 4 was confirmed, and we got some date for Halo Wars 2, and Forza, and a window for Scalebound. Those were the only games that stood out to me, or that I will buy besides We Happy Few. Definitely going to double dip on Dead Rising 4 ( buy another copy when it comes to PS4).

dcbronco2947d ago

Can't forget Sea of Thieves, Cuphead. And usually when Phil wears a shirt it has a purpose. Battletoads shirt got a character. Original BC is coming. I know One can do it.

Mikefizzled2948d ago

It's something different. Not another teen ubisoft game with everything that comes with it. I really enjoyed the showcase. A guy in a squirrel suit hitting a church bell at speed for a glorious 'dong' sound.

xtremexx2948d ago

Better Microsoft show you games that are coming out this year and next than Sony revealing many more games with no release dates that you won't see till 2018...

Silly Mammo2948d ago

Really? You're still beating that drum. Smh

Silly Mammo2948d ago

No the truth is MS showed the release dates on games that they showed 2-3 E3's ago. Just like Sony does. If it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy thinking MS doesn't do like Sony and Nintendo then it can't be helped.

stuna12948d ago

Oh you must not have gotten the memo!? the majorith of the games Sony announced last year are coming out this year and the beginning of next. The games that Microsoft announced are games announced 2 to 3 years ago that are finally coming out. And as usual they'll likely all fall around the holiday seasons. After 2 generations can Microsoft get any more predictable?

PaleMoonDeath2948d ago

.. At least the games Sony showed look worth playing :P

medman2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

LOL... guys like this are funny. The things they have to try to convince themselves of is hilarious....but I guess the only other alternative would end in them slitting their wrists looking at gamers enjoy titles like Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted, while all they get is Quantum Bust and another six months to the next overhyped disappointment. You have to feel for the poor things.

Meanwhile, No Man's Sky is coming soon, as is The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo Sport. What does Microsoft have on offer? Let me guess, that would be another fall of Forza, Halo, and Gears....typical. What a snoozefest that will be. Then, 2017 is looking as strong for Sony as 2016 has been, with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Detroit Become Human, Wild, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2.....there is no competition. Sony has left the poor Microslops dreaming of Scorpio, another xbox that doesn't have a chance firstly because Sony and Nintendo have all the games people want to play, and secondly, because no matter what kind of powerhouse Scorpio is, pc will always be at least two steps ahead of it, even at Scorpio's launch, meaning the best version of Microsoft's games will not be on that pricey new Scorpio, but over on pc, because Microsoft has zero true exclusives left. What a future. Sleep with those nightmares xtremexx. Good luck with that mess. Now there's some truth for you, guy. Have fun trying to swallow it.

Deadpooled2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Can you please tell me when the Xbox One Crackdown is releasing utilising the power of the cloud?

Yep exactly. Keep flogging that dead horse.

Clunkyd2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

How is that the truth?
LMAO fanboys these days.

trouble_bubble2948d ago

Everyone already knows what's coming out this year. You enjoy that? It's like buying a TV guide to see what was on yesterday. what's the point?

FPS_D3TH2947d ago

Guess that's easy to do when you can count your exclusives on one hand

jznrpg2947d ago

Games that had release dates were shown last year or 2014, how great of MS to have release dates for games we know about, they are so amazing!!!

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The 10th Rider2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Eh, I think the lack of any big new games was partially due to the leaks. State of Decay 2 and Dead Rising 4 were already known about. (Games don't have to be 100% exclusive to be exciting, guys.) There was also the announcement of Halo Wars beta being available now, and the debut of ReCore was pretty great. I mean, their conference was hardly the best. But it wasn't like it was bad or embarrassing.