The LittleBigPlanet Craze: Why is it so popular?

GameXtract writes "Media Molecule is a company many would have not known three years ago. Now with Sackboy claiming to be Playstation's new icon the company is becoming a favorite for all gamers. Even though the title has yet to be released, LittleBigPlanet is turning into a gaming craze, and is the hot topic everyone is talking about these days. Here at GameXtract, Sackboy and his content take up a good fraction of our blog just from writing about every new innovative trailer the guys over at Media Molecule release. Many may be wondering why is this stuffed animated Sackboy so god dam popular? It's not because he's simply on the Playstation 3 or the fact that he's considered cute, and adorable. We pinned Sacboy to a cardboard box, and opened up this stuffed object to find the meaning of LittleBigPlanet, and how Media Molecule managed to create this worldwide love for such a new character like Sackboy."

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mattkelly19913703d ago

(Don't get any ideas; I would light him on fire if their was such a feature)

He obviously doesn't know what the hell this games all about.

Jamie Foxx3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

simple,which is rare in a sea of sequels to sequels, most games these days have a number after them

Will_Smith3703d ago

Jaime got it right... Innovation.

hey we should do a film together.

~Seven Pounds in theaters this Holiday season

HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

Its new and it could be for all ages.

HipHopGamer may agree.

3703d ago
DavidMacDougall3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Who did your dad ? :)

AIi_The_Brit3703d ago

Woh fella! thats 1 too many bubbles you got there :)

allow me to take one

Mr BlueScreen3703d ago

I'll take one of those pesky bubbles from you. Don't worry I'll take care of it for ya.

Pain3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

1.1 -
No, because it's gay....just like all droids.

jealousy is a Bad medical condition go see a Doctor, And mabey get Sterilized while your there.

and so u admit droid is gay....

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strotee3703d ago

In an ocean of games using essentially the same formula (shoot, shoot, shoot), an island appears on the horizon that looks to be a land of infinite gold & discovery.

Is it just a mirage? Time will tell.

Bottom line: it's a breath of fresh air, sometimes that's all it takes for a game to be successful. No risk, no reward.

Brixxer6003703d ago

A breath of fresh air describes it perfectly, have a bubble.

UltimateIdiot9113703d ago

Agree, bubble for you. I'm tired of all these shooting games. I'm tired of violent games, I know US is big on killing but seriously, there are gamers who prefer other genre too. Games like flower, LBP, PixelJunk Monster, and others to come are different. Maybe not completely innovating but different. Even developers need to be different and be themselves instead of being like EA (the only game I find as an exception is Mirror Edges).

wetowel3703d ago

Nice strotee. +bubbles

Honolulu3703d ago

I completely agree with you.
The only problem is that publishers have the mindset that a generic shooter often will sell some copies because there's so many kids nowadays who only play shooters, on consoles at that, who are potential mass of consumers this generation.
The publisher goes where they know they'll get their money back, sad but true. that's also the reason why many revived IP's get more shooter- and action-oriented, ie. Fallout3. :/

That's why I like that many first party developers can have some more legroom for innovating gameplay ideas and style, ie like Media Molecule with LBP.
they don't have to take the same risk of going bankrupt if the game bombs, sales wise, as an independent studio would have.

I wish the next generation will emphasize more on platforming, exploration and traversing instead of just killing. Killing is easy, a real challenge is to talk your way through something or sneaking past the problem. :)

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BulletToothtony3703d ago

LBP has become in a sense a next gen Mario Bros, everytime i see a trailer i get this feeling.. not everyone may feel the same but the whole adventure and jumping around and using your head to figure out how to get across is simply great.

Put adventure with great physics.. great graphics... the cuteness and most important being able to create your own levels is simply great..

Expy3703d ago

Because it is for EVERYONE.

If you want to fool around you can.
If you want to beat every single level and get every single point you can (try).
If you want to show off your skills at engineering and architecture you can.
If you want to show off your piece of art, you can.
If you want to bum around with buddies you can.

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