Get Your PlayStation Move Controllers For PS VR Now, Before the Price Goes Up

PlayStation Move prices are about to go up. Get yours now!

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ThatMiamiGuy1825d ago

Thank goodness I still have mine.

SoundGamer1825d ago

I need to get another navigation controller for Farpoint

Errorist761825d ago

Better get the new FPS controller instead.

Rookie_Monster1825d ago

Lol, there are millions of used ones at GameStop for bargain prices. Not an issue.

Number-Nine1825d ago

They will surely sell out soon enough

XanderZane1825d ago

Yeah... no kidding. I still have mine from when I bought Resistance 3 bundle. I have even used it that much. I'm never buying another one. I'm in no rush for PSVR anyways. I'll sit back and watch what happens for a year.

iTechHeads1825d ago

Why? VR games worth playing will use the Dualshock 4.
Then there's rumors about a true PS4 Motion controller coming next year.

If you can't get these for under $5, don't get them at all.

Goldby1825d ago

how would London Heist be better with a Dual Shock 4 controller?

Errorist761825d ago

There will be several controllers. Sony already demoed the FPS controller with Farpoint.

DeadManMMX1825d ago

Got mine on game stop clearance for practically nothing 2 years ago. I remember working at Walmart when move came out and we had sooo many. I never felt like it got the commercial push it needed to succeed. Bravo to Sony for reusing older tech in a great way. First by using the eye for Move now by using the Move for PSVR.

DEEBO1825d ago

Gamestop got my controllers and the ps4 cam but i got the VR bundle with the free game so I'm good.

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