Microsoft, I’m so confused

AMAP - "Whereas Sir Gaulian has been revelling in the resurrection of some of his old favourite games at this year’s E3, I’ve been struggling to find much to get excited about, with the exception of the surprisingly different take on Zelda that Nintendo has been showcasing. However, one thing that everyone seems to be talking about is Microsoft’s announcement of Project Scorpio and their new strategy whereby all Xbox ‘exclusives’ will also be available on PC. And to top it all off, they’ve announced the Xbox One S, a slimmer version of the Xbox One with slightly more power.

I’m just a bit baffled by it all."

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Foehammer1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

The author says he's baffled?

Perhaps the author should look around.

Start with your computer...

$2000 high end version or did you have a choice?

How about your phone, does Samsung and Apple ofer you a choice?

How about your tv,,,is it 4k, or did you chose to get 1080p?

"Confused" is not the right word; "deliberately obtuse" is more accurate.

jessionpc1762d ago

Choose on a limited platform designed specifically to take choice away, that's disguising itself as this, "choose however you want to play!" Freedom speech bullshit.

Brilliant! Can't wait to buy my pc .5 Scorpio /S

...I'll stick with common sense. A ps4/Nintendo and my gaming pc.

I Bought this kinda shit working part time at Walmart when I was a kid in school... Priorities or gtfo. Nobody here on n4g is a casual. NOBODY.

Cueil1762d ago

most of the people on here are deliberately uninformed... like yourself... you're gaming PC is running Windows I'm sure... will you buy those Microsoft games? If you do you're buying them from the same store as if you'd bought them on the Xbox... and if you got a Xbox Scorpio down the line you'd have all those games. How is this not choice? They are not forcing you to buy the Xbox to play their games... that is what choice is after all... the ability to choose how you want to play your game.

BumpFrankie1762d ago

As Cueil said,

If you buy the Microsoft Exclusive game on your Windows 10 gaming PC then MS makes money. They give literally no shits anymore if you own an Xbox if you already have a W10 PC and bought their game. If you don't want to spend the money on an Xbox then you don't have to but you can NOW play those previously MS console exclusive games on your awesome gaming PC. AND YOU'RE UPSET!?!?!?

Bobafret1762d ago

Then f off and stick with it then, you looking to sway people to like what you like?

nitus101762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


It may come as a surprise to you but my PC (high-end gaming class) does not have a Microsoft OS. In fact, I don't have Microsoft-centric anything running on any PC which includes laptops, tablets and smartphones in my house.

So basically I agree with "jessionpc" although the only Nintendo device I still have is a GameCube, so I have to make do with a backwards compatible PS3 and a PS4 for my console gaming. For PC gaming or PC anything for that matter, I do have a great deal of choice and it is even possible to play Microsoft-centric games in a virtual machine but I can't be bothered since I still prefer console gaming to PC gaming.

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KillZallthebeast1762d ago

apple and choice shouldn't be in the same sentence

1762d ago
KillZallthebeast1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Who is the filthy casual who disliked my apple comment? I hope your 600 dollar phone with 16gbs of memory and interface designed for 6 year olds and an OS with mote restrictions then a nazi concetration camp explodes for no reason. I kind of lost my train of thought but you get my general opinion of your opinion. And just as a screw you I will personally dislike this comment to spite you.

Edit- apparently I cant so this will have to suffice


gangsta_red1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I think a lot of people are trying to be confused.

Have a gaming PC, on the fence about getting an Xbox One, don't bother, all games will be coming to Win 10.

Xbox One owner, but wants to upgrade to a xbox that can play games in 4k on your shiny new expensive ass 4k TV...get a scorpio

Not an Xbox One owner but thinking about getting one for cheap, grab an S model X1.

Regardless, every single Xbox One game purchased will work on any console or Win 10 machine. That in my opinion is the most important part.

Gaming_Cousin1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Honestly if you're an Xbox One owner then its better to get a PC or PS4 as the Scorpio won't have any Scorpio only exclusives. The only thing that would make Scorpio much better than it is is if it would be able to play Steam games but that would probably not happen because they would have to add controller support to many games

Lennoxb631762d ago

But most gamers buy consoles for multiplats. So what would be the point in getting a PS4 when you could play them on PC with much better performance?

Gaming_Cousin1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Wtf? Most gamers buy consoles for multiplats? That is just stupid.

Buying a PS4 if you already have an Xbox One will grant you much more exclusives. Buying a Scorpio when you already have an Xbox One will grant you no additional games.

Xavy1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Xbox camp have a hard time admitting that PC/PS4 is the beast combo, all there games will be coming to PC. No more Xbox exlusives.

DARK_WOLF1762d ago

Why should i get a pc when all my games and microsoft exclusives are in one place with one achievement system for all games on xbox?

Man all u ppl using pc as a reason to bash xbox are just sad.

Since when did all gamers become pc gamers? All u guys been saying i get all my multuplats on ps4 cuz they perform better than xbox. But now xbox is better than ps4 u say no need for xbox just get a pc... So why still buy multipats on ps4 if pc is where its at???

U guys need to get over urselvs and stop bashing xbox when its doing a better job of giving gamers more features more power and more options.

Ur hating a good thing and telling ppl to buy a ps4 instead. Technically a lesser product compared to scorpio.

I think ill just use my scorpio thanks and have ps4 just for its exclusives just cos i can and i dont want a pc for gaming.

gangsta_red1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


You also have to consider that not everyone is a PC gamer. What makes consoles appealing is being able to buy one box, plug it in and be off and running playing games.

Also, consoles are mainly what a lot of teens, kids and young adults play the majority of games on.

It's easier for a parent, relative to walk into a store and ask for an Xbox rather than a Dell Pentium X with the hyper motherboard and duel quad grafix chip RSX86.

Scorpio seems to cater to the console enthusiast who doesn't want the hassle of a PC but wants to take advantage of 4k gaming.

The Sony camp have a hard time growing up.

Gaming_Cousin1762d ago


Does it not make logical sense to play more games? Your argument for sticking to Microsoft games is to have one achievement system over what, playing more exclusives?

I have a great gaming PC so I get my multiplats on PC so don't put me in the category of playing games on PS4. I find it funny that people generalize conclusions without considering other outcomes.
You say Xbox is doing a better job of giving gamers more options but then they pretty much shot their fans in the foot by losing all their exclusives to PC. People bought Xbox to play Halo, Gears, and Forza. There is zero reason to buy one now other than budget constraints.

DivoJones1762d ago

Well it's really going to come down to price on the Scorpio.. even as an xbox loyalist I can see and partially agree with your point. I definitely don't see steam support being something they do. I see Xbox, or rather the direction they're taking xbox, as a device intended for non-windows people. You're not going to sell a Apple/Mac loyalist on buying a high quality win10 PC for VR, so they can instead buy a Scorpio and utilize the Oculus Rift. And PC gamers already know that games look better in general on PC than on Xbox (unless you have a crappy PC).
So, if you want to play games but don't own a PC and don't care about VR or size get the current XB1. If you have a 4K TV but don't care about VR get the XB1S. And if you want a high powered gaming system compatible with VR but don't want to build a PC, get the Scorpio!
I'm genuinely curious to see how well PSVR handles on the core PS4 system.. if it's not a clean/smooth experience, they're going to have a real situation on their hands. For all the crap MS is getting for announcing Scorpio this early, Playstation could be in an even worse position if PSVR ends up needing the Neo to deliver a quality PSVR experience and they didn't say so ahead of time.

343_Guilty_Spark1762d ago

Why we would I want to jump to the Sony ecosystem when my games work on multiple devices including Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10 PCs.

Sony has no such options. If you want to game you are forced to buy a PS4.

Death1762d ago

The most exclusives means you can quantify the amount, not how many you want or are interested in. Sony has the most amount of exclusives that cater the broadest markets. Xbox focuses much more on a core market with their exclusives. It's less exclusives targeting a larger core group of gamers. Even though I have the choice of more exclusives on PS4, I tend to buy just as many on my Xbox since they have more exclusives that interest me. I own a PS4 for the handful of excellent exclusives that come out each generation, but it's foolish to think all the exclusives are great or even interesting to everyone.

Cueil1762d ago

This is the kind of statement that really ticks me off... you're saying that the 3 foot and 10 foot experiences are the same... I have all three and I play all three and at times I play one of them for long times exclusively. They are not mutually exclusive. The idea that I can play a game on my PC then pick it up on my Xbox when I just feel like chilling on the sofa is something I don't think you truly can appreciate until you've experienced it. For a hard core PC gamer it is the perfect supplemental gaming device. A X1 S is a fairly cheep 4K BR player and you can play games sitting on your sofa and then pick that same game up when you're playing on your PC.

FreeSpeech691762d ago

Unless you don't have any interest in a PC, Scorpio will be more powerful than Neo. Plus in the future you know Microsoft exclusives will be compatible with PC if you decide to get a PC later.

PutridPlop1762d ago

Not everyone likes PS games so stop with the Sony salesman act. Some people just prefer console over PC and for that reason alone it's worth owning an Xbox.

Bobafret1762d ago

I own a gaming PC but rarely use it for gaming. I am buying the Scorpio when it releases.

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jb2271762d ago

Every single XBO game will be compatible across all platforms, but not every single Scorpio title will be compatible for XBO. That in my opinion is the most important part.

It essentially means that Scorpio is not an "upgrade" but in actuality MS' next gen console. MS specifically made a big deal about going "Beyond Generations" but what they essentially done is not that. If MS were truly "Beyond Generations", there wouldn't be Scorpio exclusive titles.

gangsta_red1762d ago

"...but not every single Scorpio title will be compatible for XBO."

Well according to Phil every Scorpio game will work across all platforms. I really don't believe that since there was another statement saying that a dev could take advantage of the extra power the Scorpio has.

I also was thinking that the scorpio may just be Xbox One's next gen console but then again it may be too soon for another..who knows, all we can do is just speculate and see where the Scorpio and Neo takes us.

Death1762d ago

I would imagine devs will be writing to Windows10, not the Xbox. Games will scale much like they do today with a tablet or a gaming rig. Same game, different results depending on the hardware you play on. If you ever upgraded the GPU in your PC, the same results happen as they would going from Xbox One to Scorpio. I think over time we will see games that might target Scorpio only, but that won't happen anytime soon and by that time most will have migrated to the new platform while retaining their existing libraries.

ThanatosDMC1762d ago

The lying dickbag also said that the power of the cloud will make the Xb1 have the power of 3 or 4 other Xb1s combine with it. You see his bullcrap now?

PutridPlop1762d ago

Ok so I have a question, what if I'm not ready to drop a huge wad of cash on 4K TV but I just want premium 1080p 60 fps gaming on a console? Phil wasn't clear on this and it seems like the Scorpio is locked at 4K and useless for anything else. So he makes it seem. I was going to un-hook my PC and toss it in the closet for one of these Scorpio machines but the messaging surrounding it seems unclear.

nitus101762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Not to sure where you got the idea that the Scorpio console was locked to 4K video output. It can output to a 4K monitor or TV but like a PC it can output to any HDMI display device be it 720p all the wy up to 4k. It could even work on an 8k display device as well although the only improvement would be the scaling that an 8k device will be able to do.

Note: Since I have not seen the full specifications for the Scorpio I am assuming it will use HTMI 2.0/1 which supports up to full 4k.

Summons751762d ago

I don't get what's so confusing about Scorpio. It's their next gen system much like Nintendo acknowledged that they were working on a new system which is the NX.

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Bobafret1762d ago

They are not confused, they are only trying to cause confusion ala the 2013 announcement debacle. They are trying very hard to drive the same narrative now.

Rookie_Monster1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

What is so confusing?

1. Option one, if you want the cheapest current gen console, get the XB1 fat for $279.

2. Option two, if you want a skeeker looking XB1 and already have or planning to buy a 4k TV and want to get console that can upscale all the games to it while also include a 4k blu ray drive, that will be a console for you to choose.

3. Option 3, if one Evers decide in the future to finally wanting to play games at 4k with higher picture quality and/or the desire to invest in VR, the Scorpio is the option for that.

4. Option 4, if you already have a powerful enough windows 10 PC rig, that is basically your Xbox already.

All the games you have, will buy in the future ,and all your accessories and controllers will work on whatever xbox systems you decide to game on.

Nothing wrong with more options and more ways to play. It fits every budget and every demographics. I wish I can play Bloodborne and UC4 on my PC too at higher graphics fidelity but that is why a NEO is coming out allow gamers that want that option to choose. Thank you MS and Sony to give us options. Now, what is so confusing about that?

1762d ago
ThanatosDMC1762d ago

Good luck trying to pry off Steam from PC gamers.

BumpFrankie1762d ago

If it's a Microsoft made game and the person is very interested in the said game then the only way to play it on the PC would NOT be on Steam. So people now have to weigh their options of... don't spend the money on a game that you are interested in just because you aren't buying it through Steam, or... buy the game you are interested in because you love video games and you were very interested in the game you just bought. Food for thought, I guess.

RiseofScorpio1762d ago

Because they can only have one or the other right?

Death1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Why would Microsoft have to pry gamers off Steam? Steam is an optional service that can be accessed by Windows 10 just like EA Access is available to Xbox users. Steam and Xbox on PC can co-exist very nicely on a single platform. If anything I would love to have access to Steam on Scorpio. If Rift and Vive are possible on the console, Steam seems like a very natural fit for the system too.

MaxCompiler1762d ago

I agree with you. Nice way to put it. I will only add this...

4. Option 4, if you already have a powerful enough windows 10 PC rig, that is basically your Xbox already. Consider buying instead a PS4 or a Wii U/NX for more options.

Dharma3601762d ago

Nothing wrong with that if your a rich boy.god gaming's not simple anymore.

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Dabigkahuna761762d ago

Non Xbox gamers are so confused if Sony would have done this it would have been the second coming of Christ

Death1762d ago

I will be surprised if Sony doesn't do something similar in the future. I don't see them moving Playstation games to the PC to the same extent, but they already offer their back catalog via PSNow across multiple devices. PSVR would thrive with the larger audience PC offers. Keeping it on the PS4/PSNeo will limit it's appeal. If Scorpio supports Rift and Vive natively with higher fidelity and can be used on PC, it's a pretty big advantage for gamers interested in VR. It's looking more and more like Neo will be needed to run PSVR properly. The price advantage Sony touted with PSVR is disappearing pretty fast.

andrewsquall1762d ago

Sony already announced a GDDR5 next gen games console on 20th February 2013. The industry did say it was the second coming of Christ. ^_^

nitus101762d ago

The problem for Sony is they don't really have an operating system that can compete with Microsoft's operating system so they are pretty much limited to their own PlayStation platforms.

Sure there are other operating systems such as Apple's IOS or Linux but Sony does not own them. There is even SteamOS (Linux based) but again Sony does not own this.

What Microsoft is actually doing with their one operating system fits all is to set up a walled garden where basically Microsoft is the only game in town. What about companies like Steam? What about them, look back over history and Microsoft is a master of Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.

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