Why Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere Doesn't Spell the End for the Xbox One

Microsoft revealed Xbox Play Anwhere during E3 2016, which lets gamers play specific titles on both Xbox One and PC. Is this the end of the Xbox One?

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Jimboms1923d ago

Their plan is an obvious ecosystem that encompasses home PC and console gaming, then they can murder sony.

darthv721923d ago

I wouldn't say murder sony... that part is just fanboyish. i will say that it is a very smart move to embrace the PC side of gaming and try and bring it all full center as one big unified gaming environment.

Cross-buy, cross-play are not exactly new ideas but they are new to MS and that is a good thing.

slate911923d ago

It is a good thing. And like you said, can be celebrated without bringing sony into this.

badz1491922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Of course Play Anywhere is not gonna kill the Xbone at least for the existing owners. But in terms of selling to new users? I don't think the Xbone is appealing because of its weaker hardware and paid Gold subscription. - not compared to the PS4 but to the PC.

Benjammin251923d ago

You're delusional if you think Microsoft are going to murder Sony. Their barely a blip on Sony's radar at this point. If anything, Microsoft have just murdered their own console by eliminating any reason to buy one.

Death1923d ago

Sony isn't in the same league as a combined PC/Xbox market. Xbox and Win10 are much bigger than the console market is alone. Analyst are pointing towards PC gaining at a much faster rate than console in the near future. While Sony continues to close their system and move forward with proprietary hardware and software, Microsoft is looking to open their system up. Both are great platforms, but I think Microsofts is more viable for long term success. Sony is thinking too small, but that is a reflection on Sony as a company.

Yetter1923d ago

if you're talking xbox vs playstation maybe. If you're talking MS vs Sony, sony isn't a blip on MS's radar

xfiles20991923d ago

Yes but how many of those PC gamers you think are going to run out and buy a Xbone. PC gamers game on PC Quite a few play on PS4 as well because they can not play PS4 Exclusives on PC. The PS4 and PC the perfect combo. No reason to own a Xbox of any kind.

Kribwalker1923d ago

That's the point. PC gamers don't have to buy an Xbox. But with MS games they have now gone from an install base of 20 million to an install base of over 300 million. It'll still cost the same amount to develops the games but their ability to make money on them has erupted by more then 15 times.

P_Bomb1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

MS isn't gonna keep developing these expensive consoles if people dont buy them. Xbone didn't sell a lot and the Scorpio isn't going to knock out 30million either if the new plan is console upgrades every 3-4 years for $400+ a pop and games you can play elsewhere.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually pull a Sega and open their software up to PS or Nintendo as well. I keep hearing about install bases and making money off of software as the new focus. Well, there you go.

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BitbyDeath1923d ago

Xbox is going through some big changes (that you cannot deny), the move to PC is a transitioning phase and where that transition stops (with or without dedicated hardware) is still unclear.

Scorpio might be a testing ground to keep hardware pending sales OR it could be an open box of once they which spoke.

I'm not trying to scare anyone but changes ARE happening and they ARE going down a different path to Sony and the traditional console model.

Sharky2311922d ago

Scorpio is going to be a beast! It's also gonna have a hefty price tag! Not every gamer is gonna jump on that wagon at first. The price might be why they decided to wait till next year. The parts could be more affordable by then.

xfiles20991923d ago

They will never murder Sony by releasing the same crap year after year. Plus there will be a lot of people who will decide to just play Xbox on PC. Microsoft has given you no reason to own a Xbone of any kind.Xbox has no Exclusives. Sony gives you a reason to own there console with great Exclusive games you can't play any where else. The more consoles sold the More Software sold simple Mathematics.

MatrixxGT1923d ago

Money is in the software guy. And if these PC and PS4 owners buy MS/Xbox games on PC then that's a sale they would not have gotten otherwise.

Also all Xbox players are not just going to switch to PC. Forget it. I'm not, I'm happy with Xbox and PlayStation. I have no desire for a PC, sure I'm jealous of the better graphics and cheaper games but most PC exclusives are MMOs that I just do not have time to sink into.

This is a win win for everyone except people with only a PS4 and obviously MS games don't appeal to them anyway.

By merging Xbox and PC they just tripled their install base of platforms to sell software on.

Kribwalker1923d ago

Bigger install base equals more sales you say. Well the ability to play Xbox games on PC has just made the install BASE jump to over 300 million.

xfiles20991923d ago

I love how you guys are now loving the PC when it was trash now you are counting on them as your user base man are you guys fucking retarded. Now it is all about Software sales now not console sales here is a newsflash most PC users hate Xbox and Microsoft most PC users dont play Xbox games Software sales show that.

Shubhendu_Singh1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Xbox Play Anywhere :

Pros :
+ More Sales for MS Exclusive games*
+ (and everything with crosssaves/crossplay and whatnot)

Cons :
- No PC user will ever buy a XB1

This strategy is well when you KNOW majority PC user was not going to buy your console anyway (because of how things have turned out, look at 3 years of console and game sales. XB1 didn't move much needle in 2016). So MS just said, "Well atleast now we can get exclusive game sales revenue from PC users which we weren't getting because XB1 was not selling that much(which means certain sector of people won't buy MS exclusive games either because simply they can't without XB1)"

If PC users or other users were buying XB1 like hotcakes...MS won't had given two sh*ts about PCgaming. *And even now, WindowsStore will ONLY be used for games which are not available on Steam. If there is a game on Steam, only 0.5%(or even less) of PC users will buy it from WStore. (ofcourse if they fix it and allow non-company approved mods too then maybe something can happen)

it's not all doom and gloom. Far from it. Because as I said, This strategy only works when you're losing. There was NO WAY ON EARTH MS would had allowed exclusive games like Forza, Halo and Gears on PC if XB1 was selling like PS4. It's not a's "atleast we got this!" strategy.

I know I will be downvoted to hell because people didn't read it or they couldn't understand it. I'm saying very simple things here. If it was such a good idea, what made MS wait so many years. Because it wasn't for X360 era when they were selling really really good. They even pulled back games that came alongside on PC just because to sell X360's.

xfiles20991923d ago

Well said and most PC users dont play Xbox games so why would they buy them. Also Pirates will eventually figure out how to pirate there games and get them for free.

iTechHeads1923d ago

You are joking right?

XB1 exclusive on PC means that XB1 has no exclusives. PC Gamers who also game on console can now sell their Xbox One knowing they can play Gears 4 this holiday on their gaming PC.

If you however are a console gamer, and only have an Xbox One, this doesn't really change much for you, except it makes your console a little less special.

clintonbowman1922d ago

Stop that right now. STOP IT.

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2pacalypsenow1923d ago

Ms is going back to the Pre Xbox Days but still keeping a console around, Bring crimson skies back and it will 2000 all over again :) man I miss the early 2000's the 2010's suck

christocolus1923d ago

Wow. Crimson Skies would be great.

Godmars2901923d ago

"and it will 2000 all over again"

You mean when they were being outsold 5 to 1?

Paytaa1923d ago

And that didn't stop me from having arguably the best gaming memories on the OG Xbox. Never owned a PS2. Went from Dreamcast right to Xbox naturally.

MatrixxGT1923d ago

The Prius outsold Ferarri 5 to1 too but....

Foehammer1923d ago

Thanks for pointing that out..

MS has really bitten into their fanbase, going from 20% to 50%, no wonder Sony had to sell so many assets to stay afloat.

2pacalypsenow1923d ago

Outsold in what? In 2000 they didn't have a console

Fin_The_Human1923d ago

Crimson Skies!!!

Why can't someone bring back the dog fighting genre :(

darthv721923d ago

well technically you will be dog fighting in the new battlefield 1. i know that's not quite what you are looking for but hey... it's a start.

Yetter1923d ago

xbox original emulation is gonna come eventually.

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Cy1923d ago

There are always going to be people who prefer to game on consoles over PC, just like there are people who would never buy a console. As long as Xbox games are exclusive to Microsoft platforms, Microsoft will be making money and will sell either consoles or Windows 10.

Godmars2901923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Its not going to help hardware sales. Is likely to strengthen or entrench the brand, at least as fr as North America is concerned, but not hardware.

ITryToGame1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Doubt it won't sell hardware , the masses don't game on PC. Consoles exist for a reason. PC only gamers won't change from this ecosystem, PC and Console gamers get their option with play anywhere and console only gamers will choose consoles.

Gamers win no matter what and I don't see how fanboys are spinning that in a negative way.

Kribwalker1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

2 systems in the top 20 and 3 in the top 100. Not bad. 1 ps4 in at number 50 for comparison sake

Meant to reply to rookie

Rookie_Monster1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Don't know man, the 2tb XB1 S is currently the best selling videogame item on Amazon

I imagine when the $299 is released, the xbox One will sell even more. Don't underestimate price and the facts that there are more people playing on console than those that have a PC rig to play them. That is and will continue to be the case now and in the future. All MS is doing is making their games as another option on an additional platform that they own.

Godmars2901923d ago

Cause new tech has never been announced, bought up, then resold on Ebay at a marked up price.

That's never happened...

Rookie_Monster1923d ago

@Godmars29015m ago
"Cause new tech has never been announced, bought up, then resold on Ebay at a marked up price."

Yes, true to a certain extend but it only happens to highly sought after tech though. So if that is the case, great job Phil and Team.

For example, people buy newly release iPhones all the time to sell it at higher price because it is highly desire. But I don't ever recall people doing that to a phone like a Sony Experia.

Either way, good news for MS.

Yetter1923d ago

@Godmars290 thats a pretty lame defense. This isn't the wii, its an XB1. consumers already know what it is, they aren't gonna resell for 500$, nobody would pay that

Yetter1923d ago

Wow, didn't expect that.

SaveFerris1923d ago

Most likely Xbox One early adopters upgrading.

Godmars2901923d ago

"nobody would pay that"

New adapters will. They always do. All that has to happen is a shortage from them not being made fast enough early on. Three to six months later is when the numbers begin to matter.

iceman061922d ago

It's new. That's what happens. Hell, the PSVR sold out of pre-orders in a week. That's not a trend indicating that it will take over gaming. It just means that early adopters are doing their thing. I'm not downplaying what MS has done. I'm must saying that this is the usual upswing for new game tech. It will sell...especially early. What MS needs to do is keep that sales momentum. While offering their games for PC is good business and should get them some revenue, it's not adding momentum to console sales. Which was part of Godmars point. They will sell more games, strengthen the Xbox Live brand, but effectively diminish the "need" (in the business sense) for the console. You might not agree, and that's fine. It's all anecdotal at this point. But, this reasoning is a valid and logical outcome of the strategy.

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DillyDilly1923d ago

If Madden & all of the sports games were on PC at least an XBOX would not be needed once all of the exclusives end up on PC

iTechHeads1923d ago

Xbox really isn't needed though, especially now that games like Gears and Halo are on PC.
The PS4 is the only console that a gamer needs these days.

If Microsoft is serious about the "Play Without Boundaries" thing, bring Halo and Gears to PS4.

Foehammer1922d ago

Sony is afraid of EA Access and won't allow gamers the choice

Do you really think they would open up to the MS Store?

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