Days Gone devs have "dug deep" into the power of PS4 for huge zombie hordes

The undead have a hive mind of sorts, and "they are coming after you."

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Bennibop2960d ago

Really like the look of this game kind of like a serious Dead Rising, the hordes look fantastic.

NewMonday2960d ago

it's not just the massive amount of zombies, lots of the environment is destructible, from bending metal doors to burning wood.

I'm betting it's the GPGPU, this is the true potential of using GPU processing the PS4 APU was made for.

xfiles20992960d ago

So true I look at games like this and I ask myself why do I need a NEO Im perfectly happy with my standard PS4 It was confirmed everything at there show was running on a standard PS4 so that is super impressive

Genuine-User2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Impressive stuff!

Playable_Gamez2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Yeah that some pretty impressive tech they got going on. Never really been into the whole horde of Zombies other than Call of Duty zombies. I feel like when you shove a bunch of zombies in one setting it makes them seem less scary and threatening on a individual level. But I will keep my eye on this game.

Fin_The_Human2960d ago

Bend has confirmed that these aren't zombies though since they aren't dead.

They are more like the things from I am legend.

Playable_Gamez2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Oh great not another 'they are not really zombies' type of game. It just makes it confusing.

Fin_The_Human2960d ago

Apparently they are super smart...which the demo did not do justice since they all kept coming at the guy with an infinite bullet assault rifle.

Hopefully they don't turn out like RE las plagas where they ride bikes and shoot RPGs at you.

Utalkin2me2960d ago


Zombies are slow and have limited abilities and only want to feed. The infected such as these gains enhanced abilities and just want to kill.

Goldby2960d ago

They aren't Zombies so whats confusing. They are Freakers. and they have different teirs of authority within them.
The freakers themselves do need to feed to stay alive, and the dev team stated that if you were to take a stealth approach you may encounter one tier of Freakers killing another to eat them to survive.

Never the less this game is looking amazing, the number of Freakers on screen plus destructible environments has me like "oooooohhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh"

Playable_Gamez2960d ago

Man can we call them zombies to keep it simple? I feel like Zombie can be a universal title.

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TwoForce2960d ago

Really ? Even those " I Am Legend " Zombie are smarter.

Goldby2960d ago

IIRC the last zombie from i am legend tried to break a glass with his head, multiple times. its not that they are smarter, just more artistic as he was just trying to show will a picture of a butterfly

loganbdh2960d ago

Zombies? They were vampires if I'm not mistaken...

ShadowKnight2960d ago

Looks like you will be able to do a lot in the world

andresegr2960d ago

And more importantly:

Without The Cloud.

Bend Studios know what they have in their hands to work with, they squeeze every little source of power from the PS4 and create a technically impressive games, just like every Playstation Exclusive.

They work with what they have here, on earth. They dont need to be looking for power in the sky.

the_dark_one2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

for speaking of the cloud, wasnt the cloud suppose to increase the power of xbox one by 4 times?? so now i wonder why the hell they announced a console that IS 4 times more powerful then the xbox one. maybe the scorpio is just a normal xbox one with clouds inside

Goldby2960d ago

water insurance anyone?

subtenko2960d ago

Yea cloud schmoud, Im not wrapped with all the buzz words, just be good at working with the hardware, software and the server utilization, thats it...well that and the creative development too.

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