Game Focus: Smash Court Tennis 3 Review

Game Focus writes: "If you hated the arcade style of Virtua Tennis 3 and the overwhelming simulation style of Top Spin 3, you will be glad to know that Atari's Smash Court Tennis 3 has found a comfortable seat in the middle of all that mumbo-jumbo. The game has a lot to offer to both serious and casual tennis fan but does it deliver the goods? Here's our review.

Smash Court Tennis 3 offers a quick and simple tutorial mode that allows you to learn the basics of the game before beating the crap out of Roger Federer. Once your training is completed, you will be treated to several different modes of play. The exhibition mode puts you in a quick one-on-one match while the arcade mode gives you a short five-match circuit. You can also start your own dream career with the Pro Tour mode or play online with a variety of modes through Xbox Live. The variety is one thing but when the game arrived at our offices, my first question was whether the game featured the same complex control scheme I hated in Top Spin 3. Well, it doesn't!"

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