Basic team dynamics in City of Heroes

Massively: City of Heroes is still taking on players at a healthy rate, and remains one of the most well-loved games on the market. It doesn't work quite like some other games, though, and new players will find it useful to be aware of the differences. If you're used to games where the tank-healer-DPS trinity is dominant, then you'll have to unlearn, as the little green guy put it.

We've put together a crash course in the basics of CoH teaming. Inside, you'll find a breakdown of who tends to do what on a team, how the different Archetypes interrelate, and what to avoid if you want the team to gel together well. There's a lot of flexibility, and CoH is so forgiving that just about any character can solo, but when on a team there tend to be specific roles to fill. New players who are unsure of what sort of hero they'd like to play can check inside to find out what team position would suit them best.

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