Game Focus: Helix Review

Game Focus writes: "Wii-ware games have been hit and miss in terms of quality and due to the harsh fact there are no demos to try before you buy you can easily waste money, but sometimes we get a wicked game that shocks and surprises us. Helix is one of those titles that shocks and surprises us due to its simple gameplay that hits the gaming bulls-eye. By far the shortest review I have ever done and for a game I really enjoy and I recommend to every Wii owner.

I will mention that Helix is a game where you should have two Wii-motes and while it works with one controller very well if you want to play the game as it was designed you should have two Wii-motes. But I am wondering why they did not think of using the Nun-chuck since not everyone will have two Wii-motes. But besides that, I would say Helix makes one fantastic rhythm game at a fantastic price."

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