Game Focus: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobos Dungeon Review

Game focus writes: "Chocobo and his pal Cid are transported to a magical land where all of the people have lost their memory and it is up to Chocobo and his friends to solve the mystery of the disappearing memories. Using a turn based combat system this dungeon crawler uses a random dungeon creation system and a decent story to drive the player in this kid and adult friendly Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo Wii.

Imagine running through random dungeons in a turn based experience which feels almost real time, kicking and using special moves to combat a wide variety of ugly creatures with just simple button presses the game is simple enough for kids, but is deep enough for RPG fans who want an experience that is different then most 'core' RPG's, that is the basic premise to Chocobo's Dungeon. Simple and it works very well."

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