Facebook says that Sony won the E3 conference war

To me, it was clear to me that Sony had the best press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). And the data from Facebook reinforces that, based on a social media analysis of the impact of the different press events on what people were talking about.

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Thatguy-3102952d ago

It's obvious what conference had the most buzz.

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Gaming_Cousin2952d ago

Sony announced exclusives. Microsoft announced multiplatforms.

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Aura75412952d ago

I'm tempted to call Microsoft's E3 conference the PC Pre-Gaming Show from now on.

GTgamer2952d ago

Microsoft needs PC gamers they are trying to get some sales if that don't work they coming for Nintendo fans too 😂

subtenko2952d ago

Windows 10, windows 10, windows 10, windows 10, indige, next title coming to windows 10. xbox one s, xbox Scorpio teasing.

Ok Microsoft, ok....

TheBurger292951d ago

As a pc player ms won big time. I get to play with all my old xbox friends again and enjoy some good games that I would not have been able to.

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Camo2952d ago

IMO The new zelda blew everything else away. I was amazed when I saw it.

phoenix_dusk2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Would Facebook lie? 😗

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Unspoken2951d ago

I hear Trump is popular on Facebook too.

YinYangGaming2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

OMFG we're going to Facebook to validate our arguments of who "won" E3 this is a new low

lastking952952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Lol nothing really surprises me anymore, this should be expect by now. It like saying GT sport or crash remaster is better than horizon because more were talking about it lol.

XBgamer2952d ago

LOL good point but just give them the win it's much easier that way less crying.

dp2774072952d ago

Thats so sweet giving Sony the win.

S2Killinit2952d ago

Except GT kicks forza butt all day long. Not to mention it will be VR capable. So yeah.

senorfartcushion2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

All racing games are bad because i don't like them.

Who cares about VR? It is just virgins haven't a more intimate porn session.

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Deadpooled2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It's the same as seeing what's "trending" on Twitter and the number of tweets on the trending subject. Such figures are used to gain general interest and if Sony's conference gets more interest than the other conference then in general people are more interested in the Sony conference.

senorfartcushion2952d ago

Hahaha i know.

Fanboyism is the football holliganism of video games.

N4G is The Football Factory.

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pompombrum2952d ago

Don't need Facebook to tell us that.. they owned the show with their exclusive announcements, God of War looked incredible, Spiderman exclusive is pretty HUGE considering the popularity of Marvel franchises these days, a VR showcase that certainly convinced me I made the right choice to preorder PSVR and best still, they kept unnecessary talking to a minimum. The live Orchestra was just the icing on the cake.

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gamer78042952d ago

I thought days gone was the most interesting personally. God of war, I just didn't like what they showed. Sure it looked good but I actively was turned off by it. Spiderman. Well I just haven't liked any of the Spiderman games but perhaps his could be different. I'm also not sure about VR yet. I don't want to spend near 500$ on a peripheral if I also can't use it on a pc. everyone has different tastes though like on this site O Sony comments will usually get more likes than vice versa. I can easily see why some would think Sony's was better if they preferred the games shown and psvr. However personally I think Microsoft showed more potential, specifically growing the market and embracing pc as well and integrating the platforms. I love getting new platform features as I always have more than enough games to play. That said I would love to see MS release a fantasy genre game since they no longer have fable. Something like a dragon age high fantasy. I have all three systems and a vita. I love Sony's console for all of it's Japanese / Japanese influenced games that MS just can't get ahold of any of that market.

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lastking952952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Not exactly a way to judge.
1)it varied by site another had MSs get more hits others sony.
2) PS has been around longer and has the bigger fanbase it should get more talks.

My bad shouldve posted the link http://venturebeat.com/2016...

Btw the imsosalty.com made me laugh thats a good one xD cant even get mad. On second thought im glad i didnt post it at first, just made all you look bad lol. LastKing son, dont mess with me.....you'll lose.

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Kryptix2952d ago

He contradicted himself and inserted terrible logic with both statements together.

He says, in others sites MS got more hits and shows no proof.

Then he says, PS has been around longer and has the bigger fanbase so that's why.

So why doesn't line #2 apply universally if that's completely true? What makes these other sites different that the larger fanbase doesn't apply?

Yea, just another fanboy trying to make excuses on factual data and failing.

johndoe112112952d ago

A number of them actually: xbox.com, misterxmedia.com, thisisxbox.com, microsoft.com, majornelson.com and Imasadsadxboxfanboy.com

lastking952952d ago


I dont lie ppl everything i say is fact unless i say imo. Didnt i teach you this with halo 5 sales?

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BiggerBoss2952d ago

What site did MS get more hits on? I'm just curious

AndrewLB2951d ago


If you read the fine print, they include metrics from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumbler, and Wiki. That's a much larger group of users than just facebook.