Wii Sex Video

Mario Opera creator and GameJew about town, Jonathan Mann sent Kotaku, and other game sites a Wii Video. The video was not made by Mann, however the Video titled "Wii Sex" has created quite a stir on the internet and overloaded the site owner's bandwith. It has since been posted on You Tube, see for yourself after the jump

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willymcd5235d ago

a bit over the top but entertaining.

MikeIsOnFire845235d ago

If the lady stuck the Wii-Mote in her " who-who shoot" every Nintendo fanboys fantasy would have been fulfilled at that moment.The the prophecy would be complete.....MUHAHAHA

MySwordIsHeavenly5235d ago

My friend already had this idea for his comic-strip. This sucks that someone already did it for youtube. FRICK!!!