We Wanted Battlefront, But Not This Much Battlefront

Disney buying Star Wars immediately led to them finding a game company to license Star Wars games. EA stepped up and we had a long list of potential routes they would take. Several years later, the fear of EA owning exclusive Star Wars rights seems to be coming true.

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darklordzor856d ago

Agreed, I was really hoping to see more about other Star Wars games, than Battlefront. They've been workingo n various titles for years, yet we heard about Battlefront 2 before anything else. It's just frustrating.

KnightsOfTerror60856d ago

The only reason I see them "revisiting" battlefront so soon was because of the initial release coninciding with The Force Awakens. This was a huge mistake because they weren't allowed to use new movie material. Now, realizing where they went wrong, they decided to go back to it and give us the version we were SUPPOSED to get... Very frustrating indeed.

darklordzor855d ago

I could see that, though that doesn't make it any less frustrating.