Which Studio ‘Won’ E3 2016?

With the press conferences now over and the regular E3 show floor days in full swing, the gaming team at Cinelinx wanted to look back at the major conferences...

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ninsigma858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Can we mark these as duplicates now??

Edit: oops, didn't read the title properly. Thought it was another Sony vs MS.

The biggest for me was god of war. I say this because I don't like the God of war series yet the new one looks damn bloody good and I want to play it! So for me, Sony Santa Monica.

Eonjay858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Probably SSM. The whole intro was just so incredible. And the changes made make God of War look fresh (enviorment step to the front of the line) and familiar at the same time.
Runner up for me goes to Infinity Ward for their mission trailer... that was... very unexpected
Third place for me goes to Ubisoft Montreal for Watch_Dogs_2. Having played the original, this looks so much better and I am routing for them and a comeback for this still new IP.

crazychris4124858d ago

Hanger 13, devs for Mafia 3. Before E3 I was interested in the game but wasnt sure I wanted it. Now Im definitely getting it. BF1 and Shadow Warrior 2 look great too.

dreamoner857d ago

CDPR, They were there with couple dudes prolly but their spirit has won. Next year they'll once again break new ground and destroy the E3, those PUNKs.

Masterchief_thegoat857d ago

A console that can play God of war.. They yah see gear 4 look the same as part 3 look stale

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