Rumor: Wireless Nunchuck In The Works?

The Wii-remote's nunchuck attachment got it's name because when it attaches itself to the Wii-remote, the two connected look like a nunchuck. Well, it seems Nintendo might possibly cut the cord and have a Wireless Nunchuck in the works.

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tom15955233d ago

i hate all this upgrading of consoles like with the new xbox360 with the bigger harddrive and hdmi support. its frustrating because now im stuck here with some sh!tter. its frustrating!

Islandkiwi5233d ago

If they cut the cord you'll have tw devices needing batteries. And I like the cord, it's easy to find it when I need it.

ChickeyCantor5232d ago

the cord isnt in the way and you dont have to buy it.

potato5232d ago

it works fine with the cord

eclipsegryph5232d ago

I think it does work fine with the cord as well, though I remember my beginning stages of Red Steel swordfighting saw me nearly pulling the cord right out of the Wiimote trying to pull off some of those sword katas.

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