Microsoft is Being Misleading About the Xbox One Scorpio

Phil Spencer has stated that the Xbox One Scorpio will and won't improve the quality of games, on the same day.

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Godmars2902953d ago

When hasn't MS been misleading?

From Milo and Kinect to the Win 10 update notice on my F***King taskbar, YES, I think MS is misleading!

darthv722953d ago

they may be misleading as to what the scorpio can really do. 6tf could be a placeholder as he did elude to the possibility of expandable consoles to increase performance over time.

And that little icon goes away when you update to W10. It's good you should try it. If you don't like it you can revert back if less than 30 days. I updated and did not go back as i like it way more than 8.1 and even 7.

To each their own i guess.

Godmars2902953d ago

Yet to commit to figuring out how to remove/turn off their information gathering, and remembering to turn it off again with each update.

GottaBjimmyb2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I don't see any contradiction here at all. This is first world whining taken to the highest level I have ever seen.

He said

1. Scorpio is being designed to fully function in 4k and that is the primary intent from Microsoft with their hardware.
2. Some devs will decide to improve framerate or other assets instead of going 4k, and MS will not hinder them in that aspect.
3. Older games will run better and upscale to 4k, but unless they add the feature it will not be 4k natively. (unless that ability is added later, which is more likely with those who have already made 4k PC versions of the games, as phil says)
4. If the game has a dynamic resolution, it will automatically run at the highest buffer available, which with Halo 5 (phil's example) is not 4k, but 1080p and upscale from there. They can add the ability for native 4k, but it will not run 4k natively on a game coded to run 1080 on xbox one without a patch or update specifically for that function.

Pretty simple concepts, anyone should be able to understand quite easily. Sad that a "gaming news" site couldn't take 2 minutes to actually read the statements in context instead of intentionally misinterpreting them and diluting their meaning. 1st grade reading comprehension but pro-grade conspiracy theory skills.

Legitimitely almost everything in your comment is 100% and verifiably false. Ironic to complain about a company being misleading, by creating an entirely misleading (and largely false) comment, or article in the authors case.

NegativeCreepWA2953d ago

The author apparently doesn't know the difference between the s and the scropio.

cleft52953d ago

The biggest misleading/lie Microsoft is spreading is that no one is going to be left behind. It is up to developers if they want to develop games exclusively for the Scorpio or not. Microsoft has made this optional. If the Xbox One was a huge success than developer would continue to support it for sure. But since it wasnt a huge success, why would developers spend resources to ensure that their game works on the Xbox One as well as the Scorpio. Certainly the bigger companies, will but it wont be long until we see titles that are only on the Scorpio.

Sony is wisely mandating that all PS4 games have to work on the PS4 Neo as well as the PS4. So developers don't get the option. This means consumers dont get screwed over by shifty developers like Activision and EA to name a few.

Then you have the other reality, that the games exclusively for the Xbox will also be on Windows 10. So you don't even need the Xbox Scorpio to play these games. Which makes you question the point of the Xbox Scorpio at all. Sure people will buy the console, heck people buy the Steam Box that doesn't make it useful.

You can talk about specs all you want, but the reality is that you can buy a RX 480 for $199. So if you brought a PC in the last 2 years you can turn your PC into a gaming machine for cheaper than a Xbox One S. People that are concerned about AMD tech might want to keep in mind that the Xbox Scorpio uses AMD tech for its games. So that is hardly the issue. Plus Windows 10 is a great boon for AMD cards.

darthv722953d ago

@cleft, so which do you prefer. A company that mandates that everything moving forward must all be equal or one that allows the developers the choice?

Generally when I hear that question there is usually a voice of reason saying choice is always good and restrictions are bad. What you just laid out is that sony will have restrictions and MS will have choice (from a simple generalization).

the cold hard fact is that both of these newer systems will have their own form of exclusivity in the fact that they offer the ability to play the games at better than regular levels. just as with the 3ds and games that can take advantage of the "new" specs vs playing the same game on a regular model and how its performance tends to lag. Or when Sony released the improved PSP 2000 with double the memory (among other improvements) and games released moving forward would play fine on the 2000 and 3000 but when played on a 1000 they would lag.

Improvements of any kind are in fact exclusive to those systems that offer them because they arent something that can be applied to the previous iterations.

TheRealHeisenberg2953d ago

@ darthv72

Perfectly put sir.

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Eonjay2953d ago

Xbox is a great console but Microsoft tactics of lying and false PR have lead them to where they are.

Announces they wont be releasing a console with minor improvements then
Announces the S Model

Announces S Model then
Announces the S model is irrelevant about an hour later.

Announces that all software and accessories work everywhere in the Xbox One family then
Announces S model won't support Kinect or VR

Says Super powers are needed for VR then
Demos Samsung Gear VR at their conference.

Accuses Sony of not showing PS4 at reveal, then
Announces a console with nothing to show. Not even a tech demo.

darthv722953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Some of your info is off. The S model supports Kinect. MS is even offering a free adapter to those who have kinect and getting an XB1S.

They never said there wouldn't be improvements to the XB1 but only that they wanted to do bigger leaps in improvements (aka the scorpio).

The S has a few undisclosed improvements but the only ones made public is supporting HDR and UHD movies.

And they werent demoing the Gear VR more so than demoing Minecraft and it's updates for people who play on mobile.

As to the nature of the slim, given that they are sitting at roughly 20 million original units sold. That is about where the PSP 1000 was at when Sony announced the new and improved 2000. Moving forward, they sold way more 2000 units than 1000 and I'm betting MS will do the same with the XB1S.

Eonjay2953d ago


Thanks for the corrections and insight..

mrkbizzle2953d ago

You're probably biasing yourself based on your hate for the system or ure getting to much misleading info from this website and websites like it, not Microsoft

343_Guilty_Spark2953d ago

S is not irrelevant. People who don't care about high end graphics won't bother with Scorpio.

DivoJones2953d ago

Did you bother to fact check anything you just posted? Maybe you should write a full article on some opinion site for clickbait.. I think you have the gift.

Software_Lover2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

S model will support Kinect.

The base Xbox One model doesn't do VR, and since the S is a base Xbox One model it will not either.

Samsung Gear VR was used for Minecraft.

Edit: but, I understand your grievances. PR/Marketing gets on my nerves all the time.

This wasn't a "Scorpio" reveal. It was just an announcement. It wasn't a show, in February, specifically to reveal the console.

Kiwi662953d ago

He would not have had to correct you in the first place if you had looked at all the info first instead of only parts of it

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hells_supernova2953d ago

My PC went full rouge 2 nights ago and automatically updated from a pirated version of 7 to windows 10. I was worried to say the least.

However it worked and I figured since it installed itself may as well give the free Forza Beta a shot.

n4rc2953d ago

I fix up PCs for coworkers and I've been using a old win7 zip to then get win10 on a freshly formatted drive..

Always works without issue..

ZeroX98762953d ago

they're not misleading at all, they made it very clear. They got a powerful console coming up and almost all of it's games is coming out on PC platform.

they made it very clear for me. I'm just not buying the so called "Scorpio" and I'll be upgrading my GPU on my windows 10 PC to play all the great games they showed at E3! :D

This is the single best conference ever from MS period! almost every games of the X1 coming out on PC???? I'm in!

n4rc2953d ago

Same.. GPU prices are crazy low now and with win10 being on everything, I'll probably move back to pc gaming..

But who knows.. still alot to be said for a fixed console game vs an open ended pc port.. Scorpio will probably run games better then a similarly specd pc due to optimizing.. plus I'll miss getting achievements on 3rd party games lol..

Fin_The_Human2953d ago

Godmars is still fighting the good fight for the Sony crusade.

Some people never change after so many years on N4G you still hate MS with a passion.

Out of you and Morganfell I don't know who is more of an extremist when it comes to loyalty to a company who only wants your money.

FlyShootRaceSims2953d ago

Dantesparda or PancitCanton perhaps? Or you can lump them all together, your choice.

TheRealHeisenberg2953d ago

I agree 100% but that goes both ways as far as extremist go when it comes to the "console wars".

shiva12953d ago

Really... Dude u need to join that entertainment site as a writer. You will get the job instantly if you show this comment that u made here. Belive me it will be an excellent career for u.

marquisray2953d ago

Everybody no sony was waiting for Microsoft to show the next xbox. Sony could not play off of microsoft specs so they were quite. If Microsoft would've shown something sony would've tried to say something better it was so funny lol

marquisray2953d ago

Just face it all of your ps4 will be weaker lol

Godmars2902953d ago

So is the Xb1 you currently own, the slim you might buy will be the, and the next system isn't out for another year and my very well sell at twice the price. For the cost will only perform a bit better than a PS4, look a bit better, and have access to the same games.

I have no idea who you think you're rubbing it in on.