Advertisers Exploit Video Game Secrets

Crouched in military fatigues, you peer through night-vision goggles and brandish a semiautomatic gun as you hunt down terrorists who've overtaken Las Vegas.

Incongruously, while patrolling a neon-decorated side street in the video game "Rainbow Six Vegas," you spot a jar of body wash. You spray the container with bullets, and voila! A 60-second video of whimsical bloopers pops up, and billboard advertisements of scantily clad women hawk Unilever Corp.'s Axe shower gel: "Score with Axe."

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2tired2day2hate5242d ago

this always confuses me. why do people become so wierd and defensive over this? "omg, i gotta look at a real advertisment instead of a fake one or just a brick wall." who gives a sh*t? why would in game ads ever affect your life?

MicroGamer5242d ago

If my gameplay is ever interrupted while they force me to watch an advertisement, I will never buy another game from that company again.

ironwolf5242d ago

like they put on DVDs now, I couldn't care less if there are ad billboards and such in the games; however, selling in game ad space should mean lower game prices, after all that is why broadcast television is "free".

InMyOpinion5242d ago

Try comparing this to the adverts in the latest Bond movie...