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Hours into Breath of the Wild, I found a cave. As I entered/Link entered/I watched Link enter the cave, I noticed a modest campfire. Sitting behind that fire, inside the cave, sat an old man.

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EyePawd856d ago


Herbalistic856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

How could someone review a half finished game for a console that's not even released?It can't even be a preview of the NX version being as only the Wii U edition was shown at E3.

Davemyrose592856d ago

Uhhhh your reviewing an e3 demo? Thanks for recommending it btw lol

Eamon855d ago

I think i might be one of the few people that was disappointed by this reveal.

If it didn't have the legend of zelda name attached, I reckon most people wouldn't have been as impressed. After all, what we've seen so far doesn't feel like a Zelda game at all. I feel like Miyamoto giving up the reins and letting Aonuma in control may not have been a great idea, which is shocking considering Aonuma himself is a legendary game developer who was critical in the development of most Zelda games. Essentially this is the first proper 3D Zelda game that he's producing (excluding Skyward Sword which still had a lot of Miyamoto influence).

wonderfulmonkeyman855d ago

Keep in mind that not only is this going back to the series' roots, since the first one was just like this, an open world game full of secrets, but that the demo shown on the show floor had the towns and all NPC's except for the old man and shrine monks cut out for the sake of avoiding spoilers.
The full game is going to be much more filled with things to interact with, due to those things being added back in.