So…Who Won E3 2016?

E3 was a blast this year so many new games were revealed like God of War, Zelda, Pokemon, Battlefield and more. But there can only be one winner.

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Hoffmann2949d ago

Sony and gamers that have a Playstation + a PC

spicelicka2949d ago

What about people that have PS and an Xbox?? Why does it have to be PC.

Hoffmann2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )


Because you have a ton more games to choose from, you have all the mod stuff, better graphics and last but not least often better price options as well.


Even with a "bad" pc you can run the majority of the recent games

naruga2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Sony ...although i almost broke my PC with Crash- still- in- Activision hands and RE7 abomination

Livecustoms2949d ago

I Have a Ps4 and Laptop, but no way my laptop will be able to run those Xbox One games, so your statements kinda wrong but i see were your coming from.

mcstorm2949d ago

haha I love how people say XYZ won. Lets be real and say us gamers won. For me Forza Horizon, Zelda and BF1, Recore and TitanFall 2 have me wanting them.
Its each to there own but to say Sony, MS or Nintendo won is just a fan boy coming out.

darthv722949d ago

Gamers won. We always win, it's our wallets that lose.

_-EDMIX-_2949d ago

@Spic- "What about people that have PS and an Xbox?? Why does it have to be PC"

Because if you have a PS and XB you already have a limited selecton.

The only publisher on XB that was making exclusives, is now making their games on PC too, thus. by default the PS PC combo makes sense.

You get all the titles on both PC and PS4, you won't on PS and XB.

Everything MS will publish will be on PC, thus why get a limited XB that won't have all PC games?

I'd rather have the PS / PC combo as its getting everything anyway, or most I should say.

Titles only on PC you not see on PS4 or XONE, titles clearly made by MS will be on PC, so why support lessor?

FITgamer2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Exactly. Best combo. You get the PS4 exclusives, PC exclusives(games/mods), better priced games, and Xbox One "exclusives".

ThanatosDMC2949d ago

Sony hands down. It was game after game after game. Doesn't even include all the indie games that are coming out.

gamer78042949d ago

I like the idea of a console + pc, but i'm going to stick with playstation and xbox. Too many games that just crash, perform poorly, one i bought a couple weeks ago wouldn't even launch. and i have a basic i5 nvida combo with 16b of ram...

i'm going to stick with consoles for now, if there is a game thats only on pc that i want, i'll try to play it there, but otherwise on consoles.

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xfiles20992949d ago

I agree Sony and PS4 gamers won I mean we are being hit with Exclusive after Exclusive. There is so much coming that there was no room or time to show everything. I was disappointed in EA and Microsoft. This is sad but I'm more excited about Pokemon Sun and Moon than anything Microsoft showed..

sangoku_d2949d ago

and pc gamers that like xbox games for some reason

AnubisG2949d ago

Have to agree with that. Sony showed us so many awesome games that there was no doubt in my mind after I've seen the conferences.

AngelicIceDiamond2949d ago

Or gamers in general my Xbox isn't dry coming this year and next.

jessionpc2949d ago

WTF is with these articles? Jesus how many people have to write the same fkn thing?!

Get a JOB! Go work at mcdonalds, flip a burger FFS... It was awesome the first 1-2 articles, but now I've seen like 3 dozen of these, "who won", floating around...

Everyones gotta get in on that youtube/journalist Ad money...

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Neonridr2949d ago

So many games to look forward to. Can't wait for PSVR, Horizon and of course Zelda.

Stapleface2949d ago

I was super happy to see PsVR releasing 2 weeks earlier than the previous release date. The soon the better. Horizon can't come soon enough. That game looks so good.

affrogamer2949d ago

how many times are we going to get these articles? It was easy money for Sony btw

Stapleface2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I enjoyed both the Microsoft and Sony conference. A few things I'd like to play from both. A few yawn worthy games from both as well. New games wise I think God of War looked the best. I for one enjoyed the Scorpio reveal. I look forward to the same from Sony for Neo. I'm not going to pretend like every console owner has a pc capable of running God of War 4 at worth while settings all of a sudden. Nor are they going to run out and build one. So I don't see the play anywhere as a negative for the MS show like some do.
edit: If I had to pick, I'd go Sony just because they showed more new games. Hardware is nice, but it's useless without games.

Pongwater2949d ago

I didn't think MS did badly at all, but Sony won convincingly imo. There have been years when I thought Sony would really need to bring the heat in order to win. This wasn't one of those years, but Sony brought the heat anyway.