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skynidas3702d ago

They look the same IMHO

St03702d ago

PS3 has slightly better textures far away (shows @ end of video) but apart from that, they look the same.

skynidas3702d ago

Oh i see, but it is not too important

Yoma3702d ago

Wooaaah it's from Prepear to see the prerendered 360 version mohahaha

thewhoopimen3702d ago

I saw framerate stutter on the 360 version during the boat scene. Right after the corner turn.

Spydiggity3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

this game will be a lot of fun on both systems. and honestly, neither version looks that great. gameplay will be making this game, not graphics. i'd say the ps3 has the SLIGHT edge in terms of graphics. but i version looks crappy when looking at details from far away and the other version looks just slightly less crappy.
I think the biggest difference in the two versions is what can't be shown in a video. I'll still get it for 360 over ps3 (as i imagine most ppl who own both systems will) for achievements and the ease of Live. but lets face it, no matter what you're going to get a good game (not a great game) with which you can have fun with your friends for a few hours.

radio0o3702d ago

ps3 version looks a little bit better especially during the boat part

Silver3603702d ago

Game looks meh on both. Or the game itself looks meh

KRUSSIDULL3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

At the end it looks like the textures havent loaded yet in the 360 version.

Edit: Also noticed some pop-ups at boat area in the PS3 version.

The Lazy One3701d ago

They use the same textures. The 360 just has higher AA, which blurs textures.

Idonthatejustcreate3701d ago

Umm no. AA smoothes out edges not textures...

I would say it's the lack of processing power that renders the textures blurry at distances. If you would get up close you would not see any difference between them.

The Lazy One3701d ago

That's not how AA works at all. It takes an image larger than it needs, and downscales by averaging the color of all the pixels. That applies to everything on the screen, not just edges.

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Fishy Fingers3702d ago

Is that still frame at the end a new feature of GT comparisons? Quite a good idea.

Both mediocre.

BabyStomper50003701d ago

But waht about teh PS2 version!?

Harry1903702d ago

of the Gamesradar preview which caused quite a stir because they said the PS3 version looked better back then.

BulletToothtony3702d ago

i mean they get caught every other month lying about the ps3 and yet people still believing what they say?? why?

FantasyStar3702d ago

I don't like this kind of game anyways, so whatever. Although the grenade bit was funny.