Racism In Online Gaming

AnalogHype: Online gaming is now a big thing globally, and you now have people of different race, culture and backgrounds playing games together. This means that people of different languages are often interacting with one another, but English is the most dominant language and the two biggest English speaking countries are America and England. So what happens when you put American and English gamers together online? And what happens when you put people of different race and culture together? A lot of Racism, arguing, cussing, complaining and competitive behavior.

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blackboyunltd3700d ago

you speak the truth here man

sumfood4u3700d ago

MGSonline sure is full of Cry baby Racist online. Its funny how ignorant people can't spell racial slurs yet also Sad!


This article could have been posted 5 years ago and still say the same.

As a veteran of XboxLive and someone who likes to talk online (i know i know i never shut up) about tactics and the state of the world this isnt entirely true.

In my experience players who muck up in team games are usually subject to being called [email protected] or R3tards.

I would like the age of users on xboxlive to be monitered though - perhaps with some system in place that lets the more mature players (like myself) play with the mature players outside of a friends list feature.

Its just annoying being told to stay and defend the flag on Halo3 by some kid who's just fresh outta nursery school.

Feedback and the option to avoid players on live is an excellent feature by Microsoft though,i use it alot!

Max Power3700d ago

thats when you wish friendly fire works. Nothing like a blow to the back of the head by a shot gun wielded by your team mate to shut you up.

rbluetank3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Every time i play Halo and Gears1 people are always bad mouthing each other. One person just hears the other person voice and calls that person everything under God creation without a second notice of humanity rules of respect. I am sure Sony will have this problem once everybody gets a head set. Right Sony has little to none of the problems Halo/Gear1 has online... I am hoping M$oft / Sony find a way to check and balance these problems for online play.. I am playing online to play good / great games... I am not their for chicken little hearted people to show how stuff they are when they are thousand of miles away from me...

silverchode3700d ago

most xbox owners are young so what do you expect.

3700d ago
ASSASSYN 36o3700d ago

Most racist comments come from white people on xbox-live. My experience.

KeiulZen3700d ago

"Most racist comments come from white people on xbox-live. My experience."

Honestly, that sums up my experience of Xbox Live. Always hardcore racism in GTA4 and it was alot of idiots in TF2 at times (not that frequent, but still some idiots).

And I'm not racist against caucasians (best friend's white and my last two girls friends were white), but coming from a black male, the ignorant and racist remarks on Live is ridiculous.

Max Power3700d ago

"I am sure Sony will have this problem once everybody gets a head set." that the hardcore gamers that go out of their way to get a head set are not the ones that, for the most part, are racist. Once you get every joe schmoe that can pick up a headset and connect you'll start hearing it a little more.

RememberThe3573700d ago

People change once they know they wont get punished for they're actions. Live is a great example of how many people are fake ass chicken sh*ts.

perseus3700d ago

And the PC is a lot worse here in Japan. Japanese kids are just as foul-mouthed and racist as American kids.

It has to do with their age and anonymity, not their nationality.

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PirateThom3700d ago

I think a lot of the racism in online gaming is harmless, just like the other insults, it goes back and forth.

The funniest exchange I ever heard was on Resistance where a guy from America was going at it with a black guy from England, I'm sure neither went and cried themselves to sleep afterwards.

The fact is, online gaming requires a tough skin, you can mute people who you find offensive and the bashing comes and goes, just deal with it.

Jamegohanssj53700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

This guy speaks the truth. If you can't take the heat, then don't dish it. Playing online isn't for immature people because they get offended so easily it's not even funny. Bubbles up matey.


socomnick3700d ago

Yea I completely agree. Funniest game I ever had was when me and 3 of my friends played a social match in halo against a team compromised entirely of Brits. We insulted each other the whole round, but we never ment it. We only did it to get the competitive juices flowing. heh we played like 3 or 4 games and eventually added them as friends great crowed to play with. I got called words I had no idea existed.

Nathaniel_Drake3700d ago

I play resistance without a mic and its fun

RememberThe3573700d ago

It's like me saying; "Hey I beat his ass, but I didn't mean it. It was just a joke! Sh*t, he should have been tougher."

PirateThom3699d ago

That's not what I was saying at all, you've completely misunderstood.

I was saying that, for the most part, the online "racists" aren't racist at all, they're doing it for little more than a reaction, think of them as "trolls", they expect to get a little abuse while they're giving it. Racism is just an easy way to get a rise of people and, equally, can make a game more interesting as the people being insulted try to get their own back in the game. Back and forth. Welcome to the internet.

I don't understand why you're relating what amounts to name calling to physical assault. The addage "sticks and stones may break my bones" is very much applicable.

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PoSTedUP3700d ago

im glad i own a ps3. i very seldom run into an immature little kid who thinks hes badass or a little raciest prick who wants world genocide on the blacks, portiricans and mexicans. im glad i own a ps3 where their are mostly adults to conversate with and engage in adult conversations on the PSN.

XBlive <----- i would never pay for that garbage. i dont care how good it is. i dont play my games online so i can be called a ni**a a ch*nk and a sp*ck all day long. im a smart consumer, not no fool.

sorry if i offended anyone in the making, its just reality, im only telling it like it is. your either diggity down with it, or just another hater. ill let the disagrees anonymously judge you. peace.

Firstkn1ghT3699d ago

Yeah your right, the rest of the world is completely free of racism and only Xbox Live suffers from it.

Dumb ass as always.

PoSTedUP3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

check out my comment below hommie.

"racism sexism and prejuice is everywhere but XBlive is NOTORIOUS for it ya know, and that where i will leave it."

honest mistake though. i should of said it in my first comment but what can you do.

dumbass huh? whatever you say partner.....

caffman3699d ago

every time I go on, it's bloody silent! If everyone has bluetooth headsets, why not use them? At least on XBL you do have people talking. And if they annoy you, you just mute them with 2 clicks!

First Knight, nice night of the living dead zombie pick! +bubbles

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