Recycling, Like No Other

The big manufacturers love to tout their impressive sales figures at events such as E3, and rightly so as it is a good way to communicate their success and confidence. However, what contingency is there in place for when all of those units they've sold finally become obsolete? What happens to the 140 million (and counting) PS2s when each of their owners "upgrades" to the PS3 as Sony hopes they will?

Evidently, there are questions of what ethical or environmental dimensions there are to gaming. With consumers in general ever more concerned about their impact on the environment and clamouring for a "green economy" (to quote several speakers at the DNC last week) there is also the question of what responsibility is on console manufacturers to deliver that. In particular for Nintendo, if it genuinely wants to create and serve a "mass-market" then it must answer not only their desire for fun but the demands of their conscious also.

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