Spiderman: PS4 Exclusivity: : My Thoughts

So, Spiderman is now a PS Exclusive. Well done Sony, on detaching the games from millions of fans. The game may be good, but taking away a beloved character from this many people is not the right thing to do.

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ArchangelMike2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Oh Boohoo! This article fails on so many levels, it's not worth reading. He claims that - "Sony is strong-arming people into buying the PS4 for just the game". sic.

Firstly, Sony has a business deal with Activition and Marvel. Secondly, Sony's portfolio of games is so broad right now that there are so many more reasons to buy a PS4 than for just this Spiderman game. Sony is not forcing you to do anything.

Lastly, if you claim to be a gamer that loves Spiderman so much, but yet don't know the name of the developer making the next spiderman game... then you fail as a gamer... and as a spiderman fan... and as a games journalist as well.

Majin-vegeta2954d ago

Actually Activision no longer has rights to Spidey.

ShadowKnight2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I was really surprised by that.

darthv722954d ago

My take is that "this game" is exclusive because of the deal Sony has (had) with Marvel for the movie. The character himself is not exclusive to Sony. It is not like the NFL license and being exclusive to EA so any other company can approach Marvel to request to make a spiderman game.

Activision just did not renew their contract with Marvel. Chanvces are there will be more spiderman games in the future and they wont be exclusive to Sony but this one is. It's all good and this game looks amazing. It's sunset overdrive meets infamous with wall crawling action.

My spidey senses are tingling.

Fin_The_Human2954d ago

This game deserves more attention than what it has been receiving and I am glad that it does not tie in with the movie.

Sony made the right move for fitting the movie rights to Marvel in exchange for the gaming right since the Slide Man movies where men.

As much as I wanted Sucker Punch to be the developers I think I am more excited that Insomniac are making it only because I know the game will be fun and the passion that this guys have for Spideman.

iTechHeads2954d ago

So does Sony have the rights then? Maybe to the whole Marvel IP?
I'd love to see Sucker Punch make a Marvel superhero game. Maybe Thor or Captain America? Iron Man!?

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ninsigma2954d ago

Don't expect much from this site.

It's not like Sony took an on going series and made the sequal exclusive. Spiderman games were pretty much dead but now it's in the hands of a very competent dev who can focus on one machine for development and get the most out of it.

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IIFloodyII2954d ago


Because Sony's job isn't to make Nintendo/PC/Xbox only users happy, they are irrelevant to them, they only care about making their platform the most appealing, and having great exclusive games is one of the best ways to do it. Them using their contacts at Marvel/Disney to get them is just business, any of them would do it if they could, it's pointless getting offended by it.

trouble_bubble2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"So why the selfish attitude?"

Because Sony's investing money in this? This ain't Kickstarter, and it ain't Sony or Disneys responsibility to buy stubborn peeps the hardware they don't wanna buy themselves.

If MS wants in, let them approach Sony with a proposal. Maybe free up SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION which MS snatched up as an exclusive last gen right in the middle of that storyline, screwing over PS gamers. Turnabout is fair play.

trooper_2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Ace...didn't Microsoft do the same thing with Tomb Raider? I recalled people sayong its just business. Nut now, we're complaining about Spiderman?

Hypocrisy...plain and simple.

_-EDMIX-_2954d ago

"Simultaneously taking away the franchise from millions of gamers? "

Taking what away? When did millions of Gamers own the Spider-Man intellectual property?

Where were these millions of Gamers when the Spider-Man games were selling utter trash?

If they can't afford to bring it to a wider audience and Sony is flipping the bill for its development then so be it.

This is simply business and it's childish to even just assume that by default they should be bringing it to seven or eight platforms how well did that work out for them the last time?

And when you say selfish attitude you further prove you still don't know anything about business Walmart doesn't go into business to help Publix Dunkin Donuts doesn't go into business to help Starbucks Sony is not going into business to help Microsoft or Nintendo so I have no clue what you're talking about with selfish because that concept does not exist in business..

The goal is to make money Sony could care less about the game not coming to Microsoft or Nintendo as that's not their priority that's not their goal as a company.

Erik73572954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Insomniac studios is great but lets be honest here, Suckerpunch would of been better studio to develop it.

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Thatguy-3102954d ago

The rights are back to Marvel. The partnership is between Sony and Marvel which I'm pretty sure goes back to the deal they made with allowing Spiderman join the marvel movie universe.

2pacalypsenow2954d ago

"Sony is strong-arming people into buying the PS4 for just the game" good that's what they are supposed to do , makes games that make you want to buy their console over the competition, nothing wrong with that.

sangoku_d2954d ago

if spiderman fans want to see a good game for the first time in years they should be thanking sony for saving them

lodossrage2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )


Do you feel it's "strong arming" when Nintendo or Microsoft made those kind of deals.

You know, like when MS had Star Ocean exclusive for a time or when they made the Rise of the Tomb Raider deal?

Or how about that Splinter Cell Conviction deal MS made years ago that kept the game away from Playstation?

So come on man, wake up and realize this is business and this argument can EASILY be turned the other way around.

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lodossrage2954d ago


It's good that you're neutral. But it doesn't change the fact that this is business.

Sony and Marvel made a decision they felt was best for them. Activision's last good (according to critics) Spider-Man game was Spider-Man 2 way back in the PS2 days. Ever since the series has been muddling under Activision's watch.

Plus this could have also been part of the deal to loan Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now the real question is, what would you rather. Another run-of-the-mill Spider-Man game that Activision and Beenox will HAPPILY take your money for? Or, a Spider-Man game backed by a high caliber developer that can potentially be something special?

Goldby2953d ago

Nothing against sony, except that its an exclusive for their system.

have to learn that exclusives sell units. and that at the end of the day is all these gaming companies care about.
Are they making a profit, are they continuing to increase sales numbers, are they still relevant. all these questions and more are brought up in every meeting any company has, no matter the product they are working on.

All you were expressing in that article is that you feel entitled to have Sony cater to your needs when you dont even support them as a gaming company. why on earth would sony do that. If you want Spiderman made by Insomniac then buy a gucking ps4. and honestly. i wish sony could ban you from playing it, even if you end up buying it after the lack of respect you have for insomniac. they are betting alot on this title, not just a Spiderman game, but a new age marvel game. if they fuck up, it'll be much harder for another to be approved my Marvel.

so instead of whining about not being able to play it, hold off on buy that new graphics card and pick up a ps4 next year with the game and then you can enjoy playing games that arent avaialble on your console of choice.
#firstworldproblems #itsnotfairidontgetit #whydontyoucatertomesony #pcfail

marinelife92954d ago

I wonder if this guy wrote an article when sunset overdrive went exclusive?

Ron_Danger2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"I love Spiderman, and I hate the fact that it is owned by Sony"

"I bet Activision did a better job at publishing games, because at least they made it available to a majority rather than a minority (Unlike selfish Sony)

I have nothing against Sony..."

Two quotes from you. If you're trying to prove to everyone that you have an agenda, then you succeeded. I'm gonna assume you are the author of this click bait crybaby rant of an article you submitted based on how you are defending it in the comments. I also love how you try to hide your bias by saying "I have nothing against Sony" immediately following the line "(Unlike selfish Sony)" like putting it in parenthesis makes it a generic statement that means nothing.

You know Sony had a great E3 when "journalists" bring up non-issues and try to make it seam like Sony is destroying fun. Typical "molehill into a mountain" tabloid videogame "journalism".

So pathetic.

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Sevir2954d ago

Actually, Activision nolonger have the rights to Spiderman, Marvel took back the license... Marvel shipped the IP around to publishers and Sony decided to do it.

This idiot of author is just crying.

badz1492954d ago

"Well done Sony, on detaching the games from millions of fans."

Sony is so evil because they don't give this game and PS4 for free to all the fans of Spiderman! this is hands down, one if not THE dumbest article in awhile here!

_-EDMIX-_2954d ago

Could not agree anymore if you're trying to seem authoritative about games and want someone to take your point seriously at least know the facts surrounding the topic you're trying so hard to defend.

this person failed so much it's not even funny.

Baltimoron272954d ago

Does everyone remember the smug comments from Xbox owners when Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced as an Xbox Exclusive? How the tables have turned.