Former Nintendo exec says that dumb parents shouldn't have sex

Destructoid writes: "Perrin Kaplan, former Nintendo vice president of marketing, shared an interesting thought at a panel on sex and violence in games at PAX this year. Kaplan said, 'Parents who use videogames as a babysitter shouldn't have sex to begin with.' Kaplan's statement inadvertently set the tone for her announcement that she is returning to the videogames industry after quitting Nintendo in June.

What exactly will Kaplan be doing in the industry? Spong is reporting that Kaplan has set up her own company keyed towards "connecting brands and consumers," which is decidedly more tame than calling out parents who think Kirby is a better caregiver than a 14-year-old girl. Although, I think one could argue that sitting down with Brain Academy is a better experience than watching Power Rangers: Ultra Megaforce Time-Traveling Super Secret Spy Robot Godzilla Action Fest Extravaganza.

Even though Kaplan doesn't work for Nintendo any longer, at least she didn't mention breaking her wrist or introduce Carrot Top equipped with a Balance Board to the panel. I'll just take her statement as a very indirect step in the right direction for Nintendo."

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farhsa20083703d ago

just use a condom, no need for people in life to not have the pleasure of sex

Sitdown3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

you know that condoms are not 100% reliable right? With that said, people probably should not be enjoying the pleasure of sex if they are unable to handle potential consequences/rewards of having it.

NegativeCreep4273703d ago

That's why the male in the sexual predicament uses a condom and the female uses birth control.

Using both methods simultaneously makes sex practically fail-safe...unless one or both of them are morons who slip up along the way or if the woman lies to the man about taking birth control and purposely wants to get pregnant.

Tom Leykis informed me of all this and he is right about woman and how they think. Every man here should listen to his show.

Sitdown3703d ago

I know people take them in combination...but the guy I was responding to just mentioned a condemn. All around it can be a sticky situations...cause while you can double up with condoms and birth control.....there is some birth control that is actually killing people. Ohhh, and birth control can get rather expensive.

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InMyOpinion3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Correction; 'Parents who use McDonalds as a babysitter shouldn't have sex to begin with.'

Videogames improve hand-eye coordination, McDonalds...hand-belly coordination.

knife3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

She is talking about PP's parents

Am sure that Doctor slapped his mum when he was born. Or maybe am getting him mixd up with TheMarts parents .....

vdesai3703d ago

She didn't say anything wrong.

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