PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets Tons of Info on Norse Setting, Gameplay, Kratos and His Son

During PlayStation’s E3 live coverage, God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog and Voice Actor Christopher Judge (who is the new voice of Kratos) talked about the new game announced yesterday.

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darthv722903d ago

As am I. This will be epic.

On a side note, the voice does not sound like TC Carson.

Sunny_D2903d ago

It isn't. It's Christopher Judge. He was part of the cast for Stargate.

UltraNova2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I think I m more excited for GoW now than i am for Horizon, and that says lot!

Everything was nailed down. One thing though, I hope they wont abandon his past and that it will come up somehow. Maybe a surviving Greek God conspires with Norse Gods to take him down, or even Kratos being forced to use the blades of chaos when left with no choice, etc keep his identity somehow.

I think it will be a mistake if they deliberatly ignore who Kratos is and where he comes from. If they do, why even use Kratos and not someone new? See what i mean?

Now, I think we all know where this is going, meaning Scandinavian's are going to have a major Norse God shortage, sooner rather than later.

But what if they have other plans? Like killing Kratos while his son takes over as the new God of War? But that would be crazy cause Kratos is GoW...why wont they reveal his son's name? Something tells me its going to be Zeus.

I m stoked, really its a great time to be a gamer.

WelkinCole2903d ago


Actually I hope for the opposite.

Killing Gods is fine and all but it will be a bit too predictable and samey with previous games. I want them to do something a bit different story wise instead of just replacing Greek Gods with Norse Gods then rinse and repeat. Seems lazy and unimaginative.

I see lighting when the kid shot the troll. I think Kratos is not the kids dad but rather his mentor which means that the Norse Gods might have enlisted his help in training the kid. He could be a young Thor for all we know. They may be preparing him for the Ragnarök event which will be cool.

S2Killinit2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

A prediction:
Kratos is granted reincarnation. He is reincarnated as a Viking Warrior, but he does not remember anything about his past life. He has a son and a family as it was negotiated by Kratos so that he would be happy in the next life and enjoy the things that were taken away from him. But that's where the Viking Kratos's story begins...

Loving it.

darthv722902d ago

I have a feeling that the boy is not his blood son but the son of the woman he takes to be his. Just from the dialog of Kratos talking to him. He says things like "your mother taught you to hunt" which implies that Kratos was not there initially to teach him like a father would teach their son while growing up.

Kratos has skills and power but the boy doesn't and lacks the confidence to even take the life of the deer. Again, something that a father generally bestows upon their son when raising them to survive off the land.

badz1492902d ago

RPG element? Woohoo...suck THAT unbelievers! My other comment suggesting that this will have some kind of RPG element in it got disagreed a lot. I knew that there will be some kind of RPG-like system when I saw those XP points popped up.

Regardless, I'm very excited ahout this. Hopefully we can get the release date soon and hopefully too, it won't be too long of a wait! GoW3 came out in 2010, roughly over 3 years after the PS3 release. So, following that pattern, March 2017 would be my guess

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Mr-Dude2903d ago

Jaffa, kree!!

I thought that voice was familiar

2902d ago
MoveTheGlow2903d ago

Seriously! The last thing I expected out of the Sony conference was to be the most hyped for a new God of War, but this has me locked on. It looks great, it looks like it'll be more of an open world, it looks like the devs have played some Souls games and picked some mechanics up from them, and the sound design was excellent!

-Foxtrot2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"New voice of Kratos"


I hope his son is killed off early in the game, I don't want to hold his hand. I just never thought as God of War as that kind of game. It's God of War not the Last of Us in all respect.

I just want Kratos to be a badass and not be dragged down by family.

thatguyhayat2903d ago

Lol why would you say such a thing But must be a reason why hes going to be killing norse gods. Not for sport i hope

-Foxtrot2903d ago

Well that's what I'm getting at. There has to be a reason for him to go after them and loosing another son would set him off

I appreciate what they are trying to do but I don't want "banter" with my kid in a God of War game, kind of out of place.

I would have rather seen Kratos and his new wife/girlfriend fighting side by side. It would be nice for a bad ass female character to be built up in these games alongside him.

JEECE2902d ago

@Foxtrot Would you really want to play another GOW game like the others, where Kratos' character development is pretty much limited to him just being mad and seeking revenge, and the game is basically just over the top action? Because it seems like most people got tired of that (see Ascension's sales compared to GOW 3), especially after 3 was such a logical conclusion to that whole character arc. Even apart from GOW, how many games of that type are coming out now that are selling millions of copies like GOW 1-3 used to do? It looks like this game is trying to evolve an old character at the same time it evolves gameplay to learn from things like Last of Us (in terms of story-telling) and Demon/Dark Souls (in terms of combat).

Sevir2903d ago

Please stop with the griping! The narrative has changed. Instead of moaning be happy it's not the same game we've played over 6 games before...

After seeing this demo I'm totally revitalized for the series, I'm glad there's a different focus on building Kratos to not be some one dimensional character who's only ambitions is to kill.

This is great.

-Foxtrot2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"This is great"

So you can have your opinion but I can't have mine. Jesus come on

I'm not saying the game shit it's just picking a small thing as a concern what's wrong with that. I'm not going to be a drone and pretend nothing is wrong and I auto like everything.

You seem to think you either like it 100% or you don't like it at all.

Lionsguard2903d ago

Agreed, Kratos before was just this angry dude that should have ended at GoW. In fact, David Jaffe never even meant for the series to get as far as GoW 3 and include the entire pantheon. Kratos' main beef was with Ares. in GoW 2, he was a worse God than Ares ever was. Kratos became very unlikeable, This is a new, less angry but much more focused Kratos. There will be those who won't like it but either they'll give in or be left out who cares.

iceman062903d ago

@kydrice...What you were seeing is the typical path that many of the heroes of Greek tragedy go through. Often, they are consumed by the same anger and vengeance (or whatever traits) that they hate and often don't see it in themselves. Kratos was no exception. His blood lust fueled his journey, in that, he slowly but surely became much like the very gods he despised.

Utalkin2me2903d ago


So people that do like it are "drones". It's pretty obvious by that statement you have more of a agenda then just a opinion on Kratos Son.

lunatic00012902d ago

@ Foxtrot
the father/son combo could work if done right...would be cool if you start off holding his hand but as you progress through the game...the less you hold his hand and the more badass kratos son gets to where he takes over as the main character when kratos dies at the end of this game...now im getting ahead of myself haha

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Deadlead2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Yeah I actually agree. I don't want some The God of Us/ The Last of War hybrid. As much as I Love both those franchises, and agree GoW needed to be reinvented to stay relevant I have my reservations that escorting a child through whole campaign is too antithetical to the core of what made GoW great to begin with. I could be completely wrong, I hope I am. I'd also argue a brand new lead protagonist would have been preferable to trying to humanize one of the most shallow characters in games. A nod to Kratos, a cameo, or even as a main character within the plot etc... All would have made more sense to me given the narrative direction SSM have chosen.

That said the trailer still got me really hyped, stunning visuals, transition to Norse mythology, and RPG elements all looked awesome!

uncharted562903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Did you consider that maybe Sony did not want that to happen because both Kratos and GoW name so iconic with Platform brand.

Think of the Master Chief and Halo situation, the same reason for which fans had complaint about the latest halo game.

2903d ago
lunatic00012902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

yeah but maybe escorting a child only happens in the beginning and as you progress...the more badass and independent the boy gets...who knows...for all we know kratos son could be the character to take over as the protagonist in future titles

maniacmayhem2903d ago

*I hope his son is killed off early in the game,*

Best comment ever

UnHoly_One2903d ago

And I totally agree with it.

If I have to babysit a kid the whole game, it isn't God of War, and it doesn't sound fun.