Rumored Disaster: Day of Crisis info

Some rumored information about Disaster: Day of Crisis has come to light based off of the latest screenshots of the game. None of the details are confirmed by Nintendo, though the information is still somewhat realistic.

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Product3699d ago

Im not gonna lie for a game being in development for over 2-3 years this game(from screen shots) doesnt really have the visual quality i would think it would.If this does come out i really hope the motion controls are not "tacked" on.

ChickeyCantor3699d ago

We still have to see some proper ingame footage.
Untill then im not really gonne judge it.

kevanio093699d ago

Gameplay > Graphics

I actually hope this comes out good. May give me a game to play on the wii. Well with the exception of the fantastic no more heroes

Blink_443699d ago

I personally can't wait too play it.