Halo 3 Beta Via Crackdown Not For Core Owners

Sorry, Core Pack Xbox 360 owners, but you really should have known better. Those of you sporting an Xbox 360 sans hard drive are going to be, unsurprisingly, shut out of the Halo 3 beta if you purchase your copy of Crackdown hoping to secure a spot.

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T-Virus5234d ago

Coz when you downlaod it, where you gonna store it?

MoonDust5234d ago

How else are you going to download it. This is obvious.

Karibu5234d ago

Core owners NEED hdd AND Live Gold to play that...

What's that?? Something like over 100$ to play a pitiful beta?!

Thank you Microsoft.

Thank you for lieing hdd isn't required for X360 gaming.

eques judicii5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

this is a little "duh" moment to be shared

halo 3 doesn't come on the crackdown disk??? well... DERRRRR... plus, its a beta and will have many many updates throughout the beta cycle.... which of course requires space to be downloaded to

and to karibu, microsoft isn't screwing anyone over... its a beta and its a privaledge, not a right, you won't need the harddrive to play the retail version when that comes out, so stfu

DJ5234d ago

I'm wondering what happened to that 50 MB limit that Microsoft has been forcing onto developers for the past 14 months?

MS needs to stop screwing over their customers.

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The story is too old to be commented.