Marvel Games' new mandate is 'Make epic games,' and Spider-Man is just the beginning

The new head of Marvel's video game group talks about its AAA console future.

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Overload1633d ago

"Ong said there was a lot about Marvel Games' plans for consoles that he couldn't talk about. There are existing partnerships with Telltale Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros.' TT Games to make titles based on Marvel's properties, but he indicated there's a lot more in the works, some of which we'll hear more about later this year."

Sounds like they might have more games in line with Sony.

Herbalistic1633d ago

Its about time that Marvel characters get to star in quality games

Movefasta19931633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

maybe sucker punch is working on a marvel game.

_-EDMIX-_1633d ago

@Move-'ve gone TOO FAR!!

(Hype levels continue to CLIMB)

That would be INSANE! I was hoping they were going to do the Spiderman game, but now that you bring this up, they could be doing a different Marvel IP.

miyamoto1633d ago

Billion dollar selling movies and now billion dollar selling games.
Marvel is on a roll!

Agent_00_Revan1633d ago

Still gotta pay their pimp Disney though. But yea, they're doing great.

_-EDMIX-_1633d ago

@azs- lol even though many had things to say regarding that deal, I think Disney thus far is doing GREAT job with those franchises. I'd say this is the most I've been interested in Marvel IP in a very, very long time.

DareDevil is amazing, the Marvel films are amazing and now a high end Spider man game? They've been making the correct calls by not handing over their license to joke teams. .

NukaCola1633d ago

Hopefully Wolverine is getting a violent non movie tie in. Origins was good, but forcing it in being a movie game ruined it. Let the Wolverine loose!

Germany71633d ago

Thanks Overload, now i don't need to give any clicks to Polygon.
I really appreciate. :)

GamingIVfun1633d ago

Feels good that Insomniac is making another game for Sony and PS4.

ShadowKnight1633d ago

How about an X-Men or Avengers game!! :)

_-EDMIX-_1633d ago

Well damn, if thats the case ,Sony need to bring back that damn Spiderman font on the PS consoles!!! LOL!

But seriously, that is a huge deal for Sony to land on such a license.

Goldby1633d ago

well word is Moon Knight and Ghost Rider are coming to netflix, and theres that rumor about Suckerpunch so for all we know we may get one form suckerpunch, my choice would be a black panther game or ant man game. ohh image ant man with destructible environments when he goes big big

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Majin-vegeta1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3??pls Sony
Also another x men legends titls wouldnt hurt ;)

Hold_It1633d ago

Dude please don't say that, I've been dreaming of a X-Men Legends 3 for the whole PS3/360 gen xD

I hope we can also get a Marvel vs Capcom 4, or even a Marvel vs DC fighting game done by the MvC team.

bafa1633d ago

A new marvel vs capcom would be awesome. Played that on arcade just about everyday after school years ago.

jocomat91633d ago

Same Here Man.....ugh would be awesome!

MaxCompiler1633d ago

That would be amazing. MvC 4 too :)

ScorpiusX1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Hopefully this game is the last exclusive ever allowed from the Disney/Marvel library of IP Characters and all games going forward are Multi platform .

You people enjoy the game, I have voiced my concern where it needed voicing ...........

mafiahajeri1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Hopefully they don't. All this would have not been possible if it wasn't for Sony, they believed in the IP and used their great relationship with insomniac Resistance/R&C to make this happen.

I'm also sure the movie deal was made and the exclusive game was a sweetner from Marvel. If it was up to Activision it would have been an average cash grab wich would have sold very poorly.

A good spiderman exclusive is almost certain to sell more then a mediocre multiplat. I find it pretty damn hilarious how everyone starts to care when it's exclusive and wants to play a spiderman game when most of you probably haven't even bought the last two game's edge of time and Amazing spiderman 2. Only Sony could make something like this happen. If this was on the Xbox one it would have suffered in quality, actually scratch that because if it wasn't for Sony this wouldn't have existed...

This isn't going Multiplat btw considering its being published by Sony.

ScorpiusX1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Been a fan of Marvel before PS was even a concept , and feel that Marvel allowing their library off character become exclusive to one platform is just wrong and alienates it fans , consumers .
That do not feel the need to own all plats just so they can continue to enjoy a particular Character in gaming medium.
This game only happened due to those talks sony had with Marvel to help save the Spiderman franchise and somewhere in those talks this game was given the greenlight , Also not wanting it to go Multi plat know sony published it . Just looking to make sure it does become a repeat with other IPs & as a consumer I will use all facets avail to get my sentiment across .

You people enjoy the game, I have voiced my concern where it needed voicing ...........

hamburgerhill1633d ago

Get off Sonys nuts please and just be happy! I just don't see how a multiplat game would be mediocre or suffer from quality on the X1 when both consoles are fairly close. Sony definitely has more realized talent but what you're saying just sounds like typical fanboy garbage.

ITryToGame1633d ago

" All this would have not been possible if it wasn't for Sony, they believed in the IP and used their great relationship with insomniac Resistance/R&C to make this happen."

Where'd you get that information from?

It's Marvel who are getting this game made by Insomniac, sure Sony are publishing the game, but it can appear on PC. During the conference Sony never used the word exclusive but "In Development For Playsration 4", they always point out an exclusive to make it clear. and on twitter Insomniac are stating they're in a partnership with Marvel, to make Spider Man on PS4. So im guessimg this is a stepping stone for more iteration of games based on marvel properties for consoles beyond PS4, as stated in the article.

"If this was on the Xbox one it would have suffered in quality, actually scratch that because if it wasn't for Sony this wouldn't have existed"

You do realise sunset overdrive would not have happened of it were not from MS, and that was a great game. Insomniac, went to Sony first but they did not agree unless they owend the IP.

Man, you're incredibly biased.

Aloy-Boyfriend1633d ago

The "Sony Interactive Entertainment Presents" is enough to know if a game is exclusive or not.

Marvel is only assisting Insomniac with the game story and source material. Everything else is up to Sony and Insomniac.

Ceaser98573611633d ago


"It's Marvel who are getting this game made by Insomniac, sure Sony are publishing the game, but it can appear on PC. During the conference Sony never used the word exclusive but "In Development For Playsration 4","

The problem i have with people like you is you guys dont do research or try to find out anything... Please do some googling before commenting... Its confirmed by SONY, MARVEL Insomniac that Spiderman is exclusive to PS4... 2ndly prolly u didnt know this Sony and Marvel from now will work together on Every Spiderman movie and they have come to an agreement which also includes Spiderman game franchises will be now developed by Sony... A simply google search will make you less arrogant and more informative.. Peace

ITryToGame1633d ago


"Marvel is only assisting Insomniac with the game story and source material. Everything else is up to Sony and Insomniac"

Did you even read the article? It's Marvel Games who have enlisted Insomniac to develop the game. The made an exclusive deal with PS4. Despite whatever Sony owns In the film side of things, they don't have rights over the gaming side of things. Look at insomniacs twItter and Marvels, each stating they're working with each other to bring the game. Neither is stating they have partnered with Sony.

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xfiles20991633d ago

NO way Sony has more talented studios than anyone If Microsoft was to make a game like this it would not be near as good. Sony should make an exclusive partnership with Marvel and make several games Plus Sony has the Install base. Maybe an X-men game or Avengers game. I really think this is the start of something big between Marvel and Sony

ScorpiusX1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

This has nothing to do with studios , this about Disney causing a divide among its fans by suddenly causing its a fans to have to buy platform that most do not want or care to buy. Also please reframe from using the install base like games will sale equal to those numbers. An exclusive deal or partnership is dumb .

You people enjoy the game, I have voiced my concern where it needed voicing ...........

xfiles20991633d ago

@ScorpiousX Did you read the article they want to partner with Top Notch Developers From where I stand there is no other Top Notch Devs than Sony In House Devs. Sucker Punch Santa Monica, Gurella, Bend,Naughty Dog These Studios are just on another level than everyone else.Sony does not make games they make Masterpieces. If Marvel wants Epic style games stick with Sony.

P_Bomb1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I get the frustration, but what do you mean by "have to buy a platform most do not want or care to buy"? I don't recall any town hall meetings where *most* Marvelites agreed on anything, let alone what console they should all avoid.

Xbox had an exclusive Aquaman game back in the day that I wanted and couldn't have, not to mention exclusive DLC like Hulk in Ultimate Alliance. If it matters, peeps will just buy said console or wait for the next game like I had to.

Sunny_D1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

If it makes you feel alienated and you're that much of a fan, then you go buy a PS4 to play it. Exclusives are made to give consumers an incentive to buy their console in the first place...

InTheZoneAC1633d ago

what he's saying is that possibly he made a bad decision, if he doesn't own one, and instead of supporting sony he just wants to cry about it.

ScorpiusX1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

That is just an added expense , just so I can enjoy a Marvel IP I have to support two companies instead of one.
Have no issue with exclusive but when they are iconic IP it just wrong .

@inthezoneac piss off ( I would rather not game than support sony )

@xFiles2099 so in your delusional mind those under that platform are the only studios capable of making a great game . Wow

You people enjoy the game, I have voiced my concern where it needed voicing ...........

trouble_bubble1633d ago

ScorpiusX, you're the guy who got moderated the other day calling Sony "the garbage they are and that includes Andrew House, I couldn't care less if they vanished or dissolved, rather see Microsoft and Nintendo remain the only players in the market."

Yeah, that's your quotes I'm paraphrasing.

You don't care about multiplat equality, so can the SJW act! You want their game but also want them out of the industry. Doabarrelroll is right.

notachance1633d ago

well Sony has spiderman movie license, maybe this is the hidden part of the deal with Spidey joining Avengers on big screen, by giving Sony exclusivity of a spidey game.

mafiahajeri1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

That's besides the point, can't you see the amount of crap super hero games we were getting all these years? Why would anyone want that to continue?

Someone needed to take the risk and Sony have, they deserve to reap the rewards...

This is a victory for gamers, it's a Marvel (pun intended) that someone actually made the move and did this. Its been too long coming in fact. No more crap half assed licensed games that no one wants to play.

ScorpiusX1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Cause those shit games as you referred to them allowed every platform owner the chance to play them , as it stands now people need to buy the plat they're on . How does that seem fair .

You people enjoy the game, I have voiced my concern where it needed voicing ...........

Sunny_D1633d ago

Well if it wasn't Sony then it was going to be another crappy movie tie in game that Activision was going to release. It's much better than anything. Finally a proper superhero game besides the Batman Arkham games by Rocksteady.

jb2271633d ago

If you were a true Spidey fan, you would just want him to receive the best game possible. Reminds me of the King Solomon tale. You are selfish enough in your own personal convictions & hang ups that you'd rather see the character driven into obscurity with mediocre games than be elevated & appreciated by a select group of people.

I've gotta buy an Xbox to play Gears, a license that was owned by Epic & potentially going multiplat before they bought it no issue with that as it is in hands that will steer it right. Was already forced to make the decision to buy an Xbox or wait a year for a game in a franchise I love with TR, made my choice there too. Don't act like Sony & Marvel are the bad guys for shepherding their own property to the best places they see fit.

Aloy-Boyfriend1633d ago

So you rather have a shitty movie tie in Superhero game that you would probably not buy as long as it is not exclusive?

C mon man! Even Nintendo had an exclusive Star Wars game. Fans of those iconic IPs shouldn't be crying about this and instead be excited about a quality Super hero game for once...

Too bad Spidey fans on Xbox won't be able to play it. Buy a PS4 is is not that hard. There are also Spidey fans on PlayStation so... L

Doabarrelroll1633d ago

Lol what a hypocrite weren't you hoping that DR4 stay exclusive for Xbox, now your salty about a exclusive Spider-Man game only on ps4. Wow that's sad bro.

SmielmaN1633d ago

Oh ya, I agree. This Scorpios guy sounds like such a cry baby right now. "They shouldn't make marvel exclusives, I will never support Sony, it's not fair". Wow what a cry baby. Go buy a Ps4 and play all the games you want. If you can't give Sony a sale then quit your crying. I have a suspicion your probably under 16 year old? If not, then grow up.

rainslacker1633d ago

I imagine Sony paid a pretty hefty sum to get the new game made. If they can manage to make it successful, then it could lead to more high quality Marvel games. I don't care if they're multi-plat, but I do want them to be worth playing, and not crappy, rushed movie tie ins.

FreeSpeech691633d ago

Sorry Sony is master right now, Xbox is the slave. Microsoft needs to win with scorpio to be respected again.

jb2271633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

How do you feel about the Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity Castillo? Seems like turnabouts fair play....

Different being in this instance, Sony is fully funding this game as an exclusive that wouldn't exist otherwise...MS just threw advertising money at TR, a game that was meant to exist either way.

I'm also a longer Spidey fan than PS fan, and I appreciate the fact that Sony is finally helping to elevate the character beyond the Beenox grind he was stuck in. If PS4 Spidey ends up playing as good as it looks then that is awesome.

You also do realize as a lifelong Marvel, Spidey & comic book fan in general that Marvel was in bankruptcy in the 90s, nearly dissolved completely until Sony & Fox stepped up and bought the film rights for Spidey & X-Men.

Without deals like these, Marvel would've ceased to exist entirely. No Spidey, No X-Men, No Avengers, No Iron Man, No comic book movie trend, no Marvel whatsoever. Your principles are just that. The rest of us go where games are available. I absolutely detest MS to the core of my being...they are everything wrong w/ America's industry rolled into one in my eyes....that wouldn't keep me from buying an XBO if they gave me a reason to, and I would always allow them to change my mind. They just haven't changed my mind yet, and they just haven't given me games like a Spidey full exclusive, TLOU, God of War or Horizon. If they gave me games like that I'd be all aboard, principles be damned. Gaming is about fun after all, and my single purchase ain't enough to push MS any closer to the monopoly they've set up for themselves...

I can tell it really hurts Microsoft that they could never actually monopolize creativity. You can't buy actual artists, no matter how hard MS has tried. This Spidey deal is borne of cooperation & respect, not big money & demands.

Hardiman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Very good point you make there. This is the first gen that I haven't had multiple systems. Last gen I started with the 360 and for awhile I was playing on it but then something happened I played Uncharted and was blown away. Then I played Demon's Souls and I was hooked. I had to get a PS3 and the games that are developed by Sony's 1st party studios are just incredible. The kind of games I want to play can only be found on Sony's system and since most 3rd party games also come out on the PS4 it's a no brainer.Sony has been on a roll and their install base and quality speak for themselves and the showing they put on at E3 last night got me so excited for what is coming. I'm even excited about PSVR now. Microsoft's E3 2013 conference just put a bad taste in my mouth and it's stuck with me. Now I'm like you if they would give me a reason to buy their system then I would but I've moved on from the Halo's and Gear's. It takes games with more substance to satisfy me now. I just don't understand if you love gaming then why would you sit in the corner and pout because your "choice" isn't getting it done. Looks to me that you would want to broaden your horizons and enjoy all the wonderful worlds that are being created on Sony's system. This deal between Sony, Insomniac and Marvel is great news for everyone. We're gonna get a 1st party superhero game and it's Spidey. C'mon how can you not be happy about that?

SourtreeDing1633d ago

i dont give a damn... Exclusives are meant to be Made to make ppl buy consoles and to show off ther power..
if you aint happy its because you dont own the Console and thats your fault for supportting Sonys Rivals.
Just Like Microsoft, Sony like to Show ther Consumers Love with Exclusive games no matter which party it comes from..

PC beggars gon beg.. MS beggars gon beg.. why do Sony Consumers never beg for games yoo..
if you dont want to get a PS4 go on twitch the game will be live streamed for you!!

Realms1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

LOL. Salty I belive Marvel said they want quality studios and partnerships sorry if that hurts but it's interesting that they chose Insomniac and Sony over MS and any of their studios.

Ceaser98573611633d ago

Spidey will be with Sony for a long time likely forever.. The deal happened when SONY and Marvel decide to join venture and get Spidey to marvel verse and get Spiderman game to Sony... Typical business move.. and i surely can't wait to get my hands on the game...

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JamesBroski1633d ago

Activision is hurting Marvel games as they only seek to make quick cash grab and don't give a heck about the final product. I hope they're gone for good.