Days Gone New Information: Weapon Crafting, Dynamic Day/Night Cycle, Emergent Gameplay, and More

Days Gone is Sony Bend’s excellent seeming new IP, an open world post apocalyptic zombie action sandbox game.

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Abash2954d ago

Game of the Show for me this E3, I simply cannot wait to play it!

Crazyglues2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Indeed this game blew me away... Can't wait to play it.... I was not expecting this game at all, graphics were so amazing I thought it was TLOU2 at first.... really impressed by this one... And I love that the zombies looked more like war Z the movie, they moved fast and it looks like you could get overwhelmed...


nX2954d ago

I kind of expect to die a lot in this game, I mean how do you kill literally hundreds of zombies? Really can't wait to see what tools they come up with to make this possible.

Grap2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

don't you dare compare TLOU with this cr@p.
and BTW Game of the show was GOW that game was on another level seeing kratos with a beard gave me goosebumps.

UnHoly_One2954d ago

Calm down Grap.

This looks way better than TLOU to me.

People are allowed to like different things.

Forn2954d ago

Please don't compare this with TLoU. VERY different games with an entirely different feel. I am looking forward to playing it for what it is, which will keep my enjoyment levels higher than trying to compare to another beloved game of mine. God of War also looks absolutely incredible. Same with Horizon and many others.

garrettbobbyferguson2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

You weren't expecting a game about a biker fighting zombies?

Edit @ Grap

Hahaha, TLOU no longer holds a pedestal for the rabid fanboys, therefore your words fall on deaf ears.

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nucky642954d ago

as far as new games, yes....game of show. but, I want horizon: ZD as bad as days gone.

No Way2954d ago

It looked great, but honestly.. I hope the difficulty is up a bit more. He had zombies in his face and ran right past a couple without being hurt or grabbed or anything. Also, if there is different paths you can take, that'd be awesome.

hells_supernova2954d ago

I have a feeling they made it that way for the demo, along with unlimited ammo. It makes the playthrough smoother and less of a chance. Which is almost necessary with how many on screen zombies there are.

Really excited for this game

No Way2953d ago

You're probably right, and that would make sense. I had that in mind as well, would be a bit of a bummer if he got grabbed up and killed before making it to that lil platform with the epicness of all the zombies coming from each direction. But, still, I hope that you can still be grabbed and what not. :P

Same here, my comment was in no way intended to specify I wasn't excited for it. :D

Irishguy952954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I recommend H1Z1 for anyone even remotely interested in this. I hope Sony don't fall behind on the other open world zombie games. Or I guess they prefer cinematics over anything even remotely 'new' as usual.

Really. That looked mediocre. The IDEA is cool. As usual. Zombies, open world. What can go wrong? Why they hell do Sony and MS keep missing this? Make a real zombie survival game ffs. Have other players in it. Stop waiting for 3rd parties to show you all their money they are making from what essentially started as mods.

"150 players parachute into a 16km^2 map with a map and some bandages. The goal? Only one survives. Hot zones around the map force players to confront one another. Find vehicles, weapons, armor and more around the map. Be wary of loot as other players will search towns too."

That is a BONUS mode in H1Z1. The main game being open world survival zombies with other players. It's literally a cash cow sitting there and no one is jumping on it. Sony again going for that cinematic look.

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seanpitt232954d ago

Yes this definitely stole the show for me this year it's Sony answer to state of decay 2 and dead rising 4.
I just hope it releases within the next year knowing Sony who likes to show their games off a tad early it will probably be 2018.
I heard a rumour that this has only been in development by the syphon filter devs for only a year.

SquidBuck2954d ago

I heard a rumor it's been in development for years...

Eidolon2954d ago

Developer in Livecast Day 1 said 3 years.

Yui_Suzumiya2954d ago

Actually 4 years so it should be finished by next year

OB1Biker2954d ago

'only been in development by the syphon filter devs for only a year.'
The game entered full production about a year and a half ago. been in development for many years

_-EDMIX-_2954d ago

? LMFAO! This game has been in development for YEARS!

It has nothing to do with Dead Rising or State Of Decay (that is an awful game too btw lol) This game is MILES better looking then State Of Decay, that is a complete joke bud.

Dead Rising....funny, watch this game on 1 platform sell circles around it. Pretty sure Sony could have bought Dead Rising from Capcom if they really, really wanted to, especially considering Capcom is strapped for cash and has been open to selling its IPs.

Capcom is sorta letting folks know its for sale, Sony and MS are merely saying no.......

If it was ever an "answer to" anything, they would have just bought the damn IP, this game isn't Dead Rising and it sure hell isn't State Of Decay lol This looks like NOTHING we've seen before.

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gangsta_red2954d ago

Is there any co-op or multiplayer for this?

SquidBuck2954d ago

You just commented in another article that you have no interest in this game, yet you keep showing up.

gangsta_red2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I know right! Crazy how these forums work!

Eonjay2954d ago

Have no idea but it sure would make the swarms easier to handle. I mean damn.

ion6662954d ago

I would love to ride out with my chapter and kill some zombies. son of anarchy style. can I be chibs

gangsta_red2954d ago

Chibs was bad ass, I don't think the zombies would even touch him.

Germany72954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

So you just want to troll, that's it?

Edit: First you said that was not interested on the game, but keep showing. If you still want to play the victim card, go ahead. I would be ashamed.

Imalwaysright2954d ago

He only asked a question...

gangsta_red2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Yes, asking if a game has co-op is definitely trolling.

I seem to remember saying it wasn't IMPRESSIVE, but I don't recall ever saying I wasn't INTERESTED.

If there's any shame to be had it would be your own.

magiciandude2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )


Yeah he never said he wasn't interested. Nowhere in his comment history to be found. You're the one pulling the victim card.

Realms2954d ago

@ gansta_red

How many new IP's has MS introduced? LOL Keep hating it won't change the fact that Sony keeps announcing game after game. While MS announces plans for a new system because Sony destroyed them this generation so they decided to fast track the next one. LOL