Spiderman PS4 Developer Interview

Insomniac Games and Marvel stop by the E3 Post Show to discuss their new Spiderman game.

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Xavy1628d ago

Cant wait for this games, its gona be awsome.

miyamoto1628d ago

All your Ratchet and Clank money put to good use by Insomniac and Sony.

thejigisup1628d ago

Exclusive! Amazing! If Insomniac really delivers here, this could be yuge!

ColonelRex1628d ago

This is cool and everything. But instead of another Spiderman game, this should have been an open world Avengers game.

scark921628d ago

No thanks, keep the avengers outta my Spider-Man!

andrewsquall1628d ago

This has amazing potential. Insomniac have a great track record on PlayStation consoles. :)