Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Damnation

GV reports:
''I've always said there weren't enough western-inspired shooters out there, which made me happy to see a six shooter-wielding cowboy over at the Codemaster's booth. Damnation's plot follows a character living during the American Civil war after it has spanned several decades longer than history tells us it did. An ambitions corporation has come to the country, seeing it torn apart by its own war, and decided to take out both armies to gain control the country in one fell swoop. Weapons are reminiscent of those used in the country during the turn of the century with slightly steampunk twists.

The level I played highlighted the combat and acrobatics, both of which functioned very intuitively. Using the different weapons felt very natural and not unlike most other shooters on the console, and the climbing and jumping mechanics felt very tight. Being able to get to the top of a building and slide down a zipline was easy, and shooting at enemies while doing so just as fun as you would imagine. The developer explained to me that the game's environments are to be massive, with several different paths to take that will change how any encounter turns out.''

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