Crash Bandicoot PS4 remasters are being developed by Vicarious Visions

Next year's Crash Bandicoot remasters are being developed by Activision studio Vicarious Visions, Sony has confirmed. The games were originally developed by Uncharted studio Naughty Dog.

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Relientk772906d ago

Can't wait for these Crash remasters

naruga2906d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Ridiculous Activision... Vicarious visions?? ..ohh F..this ,Crash is really dead ..WE DIDNT ASK FOR THIS ..i dont want to see him at all, no remaster no nothing...it would be better they never had started all this hype-baiting thing..
lame , just lame ...worst let down ever ...i will pass and boycott the games

If Activision denied to sell the rights back, Sony should have left Crash die for good, showing the superiority of their games back in PS1 when they were made by ND ...Now they just help a lame company to milk an already rotten IP with probably the same garbage results

Iberius2906d ago

If people boycott the remasters, I highly doubt we will be getting a new Crash game. This is Activision and Sony testing the waters.

Rhezin2906d ago

that's stupid. Don't boycott the remasters boycott that damn skylanders!

Deadpooled2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )


These guys have done Crash games before in the early 2000's for the Gameboy Advance handheld, also they are the Skylanders developers and making the Skylanders Crash edition. Personally I would have preferred a proven developer to handle the remaster such as Bluepoint or passed on to Sanzaru, I was going to preorder but now holding off to see how this turns out before deciding whether to support it. As long as they keep the art style and smooth out the ps1 roughness, and keep the old skool style crash instead of that goofy Skylanders Crash (plus the usual 1080p 60fps for platformers) would likely be satisfied with the remaster

2906d ago
GrimmyReaper2906d ago

"This is Activision and Sony testing the waters."

The fuck? Not even Activision or Sony is blind to the demand of a new Crash Bandicoot game. That's a lame excuse =|

Boycotting the remaster will indeed not do anything at all.

Dir_en_grey2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

If the old formula is no fun for you to want to play it, why would you want a new one? If they change the game play the old timers are just going to whine like you are now anyway. So if not for the old game play, do you expect they just magically revolutionize platformers that nobody else did with this title?
If they revolutionize the game then the character could be a new mascot instead of Crash.
So you don't even want to play the old games meaning the old gameplay is not attractive anymore. So why make yourself sound like you are a big Crash fan? You just like his looks or what? Or are you just an Xbot trolling a PS4 exclusive?

garrettbobbyferguson2906d ago

Yeah, Boycott the remasters. Keep people from finally experiencing actual good games.

IamTylerDurden12905d ago

Boycott Skylanders, not the remasters.

Your angst is misplaced.

If the remasters generate heat then we will likely see a new Crash game developed by Sony. Even if Activision is still attached i'm sure a competent Sony related studio would dev a new Crash. By boycotting the remasters u are killing the chance for a reboot.

aPerson2905d ago

Vicarious Visions also developed Crash Nitro Kart, which is highly underrated IMO. They are huge Crash fans.

-Foxtrot2905d ago

Yeah come the hell on guys look at Vicarious Visions past work...it's terrible.

It should have been an in house job by Sony

They don't deserve this and if it fails...well we know why

InTheLab2905d ago

Do research on this studio. VV made the best spiderman games back in the day...

hiredhelp2905d ago

He has a point thoe we never wanted this,we hoped sony get back the liscence make crash instead activision knocked up some studio not even sure there have the real passion of naughty dog in there creation of crash.

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jessionpc2906d ago

I'm curious, because he worded it very specifically... With a term that is still VERY new and manipulative in this industry...

Are these Remakes? Revisions? HD Remasters? High graphic fidelity remasters?... I don't know... I'm half expecting a ps1 game with an hd coat of paint... Which ofcourse WILL PISS EVERYONE OFF.

Did you listen to the crowd when he said remaster? Yea. They ALL went quiet.

Deadpooled2906d ago

He said 'from the ground up' everyone in the crowd went nuts one of the biggest cheers of the conference (Kojima's was the biggest understandably), it was when he mentioned Skylanders Crash and showed it when they went quiet.

TheUndertaker852905d ago

It is simple remasters. People are getting their hopes up for nothing.

People seem to know which three games they're going to be. "From the ground up" in this instance will mean new textures, not new games.

Duh. Could anyone imagine PSOne textures upscaled to HD? We've already seen PS2 and PS3 games done like that and they're frankly ugly, nowhere near HD. GTA San Andreas "upgraded" for PS3 & 360 is a prime example. Doing PSOne games that way would be even worse.

They'll get support the PS4 already has as a standard. Trophies, new textures, streaming support, and if PS4 purchasers are lucky better photo mode support.

I-Hate-usernames2906d ago

I would prefer a remake but at least we got a remaster.

ninsigma2906d ago

It's from the ground up so it'll be brand new assets.

NotEvenMyFinalForm2906d ago

it has to be. Can you imagine a PS4 game with PS1's texture crawl? XD

mocaak2905d ago

I just hope that gameplay stays exactly the same, but with improved physics.

FallenAngel19842905d ago

@ NotEven

You mean like the FFVII remaster currently available on PS4?

KwietStorm_BLM2905d ago

Well thats the PC version, firstly, and it looks noticeably smoother than the original PlayStation version. It also wasn't made with new assets.

BlakHavoc2906d ago

Ppl complaining about this need to realize that this is your opportunity to prove that you could support a crash remake or reboot. I think if this collection sells well, you'll get your reboot/remake.

ninsigma2906d ago

That's what I think as well. They wouldn't bring him back just to do a few remasters.

BlakHavoc2906d ago

Yea me too, I don't think its something they did just to shut fans up. But I do think if the collection sells poorly thats it for Crash, and gamers have no one to blame but themselves.

Fez2905d ago

What are you saying BlakHavoc? Gamers should support utter crap on the off chance they decide to develop a better game in the future? So the option for everyone who wants a Crash sequel is to buy the remakes no matter how they turn out. That isn't how it's supposed to work you know.

No doubt they are testing the waters of a full Crash sequel, but if it turns out as a mediocre remaster and gamers don't buy it meaning Activision don't invest in a sequel, it's Activision who is at fault for developing an average remaster. And really, Crash fans most likely do not want a remaster, they want a whole new experience. I probably won't buy this because I went through 1-3 a couple of years ago. If it's different enough (like R&C) I will, but if it's just a lick of paint it's not for me. Surely they can see by the Ratchet and Clank release that there is a market for it. Activision are playing it too safe by making a remaster and if they use that as an excuse for not making a new one, the blame goes on them.

Thatguy-3102906d ago

If we do get a reboot/remake it won't be under Sony which the majority of us actually wanted because of how they would handle the project. It's obvious that won't happen seeing how Activision still has the rights.

BlakHavoc2905d ago

For sure, I'm surprised they didn't just hand the rights over to Sony. I think they see an opportunity to profit so they decided to hold on to the rights and just partner with them instead. I think it'll sell like gangbusters and we'll get a reboot.

KwietStorm_BLM2905d ago

That's probably what the idea is, but telling me I have to spend my money to basically invest in a possibility is a lot to ask for some people.