Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Dead Space

GV reports:

''EA's next-generation horror title Dead Space is being pushed extremely hard this year. There are comic books, movies, and Hollywood-directed trailers meant to give players a feel of their upcoming shooter, but the true Dead Space experience is one that must be played to believe. Not unlike BioShock's Rapture, the "Planet Cracker" class ship Ishimura has an indistinguishable feel from other game's environments, and the use of this generation's powerful technology brings the dying ship to life in an amazing way.

The level I played had me exploring a large room that had lost its gravity, trying to clear out loose debris in order to safely reestablish it. The area had a hexagonal shape, and each of the walls could be grappled using Isaac's magnetic boots. The sensation from leaping between walls is truly (and appropriately) disorienting; it's evident that EA didn't want to try and give anything to the player to make the transition easier, and the game is actually more immersive because of the rough transition between perspectives. As I went from wall to wall throwing large rocks into a powerful gravitational beam I was assaulted by the game's enemies, the Necromorphs, whose relentless attacks are as frightening as anything else in gaming today. The enemies don't simply drop after a few shots to the head, it takes precise attacks to tear them limb from limb, and experimentation to decide exactly what kills each type of enemy.''

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