Sony vs Microsoft E3 2016: Who Had the Best Press Conference?

It was Sony vs Microsoft as both companies took to the stage at E3 2016. But who impressed us the most?

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Kingthrash3602961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Sony won't be land slide.
No fanboy words here....that's just truth.
In all honesty the Xbox show had more PC news than anything.

poppinslops2961d ago

Liar... Sony WILL be landslide.

nX2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

And my wallet is far from ready for it. I'm counting almost 20 games I absolutely want to play, that could buy me a damn car.

BiggerBoss2961d ago

The Ps4 conference was awesome. I was really surprised after the mediocre showings from EA and Microsoft.

nix2961d ago

it was more like tsunami. sony came and wiped everything that was there.

no talk. no stupid screeching "gamers". no cringy moments. i was shitting myself throughout when the live demo of some of the games was happening WHILE the orchestra was playing. i was like "sh*t sony why you do this? this can go wrong at any moment!" lol.

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lelo2play2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

"Sony vs Microsoft E3 2016: Who Had the Best Press Conference?"

Sony... without any doubt.

Microsoft had a good conference but they simply don't have the quality or the know how to match Sony's exclusives. Sony have better 1st party developers, Sony makes better deals with 3rd party exclusives then Microsoft, Sony have more competent people in front of their console business.

marinelife92961d ago

I only care about high quality console exclusives. Sony

Kleptic2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Sony showed why you should own a PS4...

MS showed why you should not buy an Xbox One, and get a windows 10 PC, or wait for scorpio...instead...and I'm in no way saying that is a bad thing.

drastically different approaches...I was fine with MS as I have a decent windows 10 machine, and have no problems with them literally bringing everything 'exclusive' to the xbox one to PC (albeit limited to their own store or w/e)...The only question mark with all this is XBL, and if they try to force that BS on the PC market...which will be GFWL all over again, and will quickly be brushed aside.

I enjoyed both shows. I'll wait to hear more about the 'neo' before getting a PS4, as there is plenty of time between now and when those game's shown release... and am honestly very happy that the Xbox One is truly being phased out of relavence in the sense that there is no content exclusive to it...I can't argue that branching Xbox out to almost a 'game envrionment' on more devices is a bad idea...it makes sense as long as they do it right.

Yetter2961d ago

MS gave their fans a reason to be excited for the future of Xbox. Sony's games big hitters look really, really great, but we've known about them and seen them for years now. That God of War demo was fantastic though and a welcome surprise. I haven't ever cared for GoW until now

jb2272960d ago

I enjoyed both too. They both learned a bit about how to flow & pace a show, which was absolutely vital.

That said I'm surprised by it but I think Sony's pace was just a bit better. The sheer virtue of the Minecraft & Sea of Thieves cringe called back to outdated methods & it slowed the show down a bit.

Sony created continuity w/ that amazing orchestra & they kept the pace up through the entire show, whereas MS pulled out a handful of cg trailers, Sony showed nearly if not entirely all gameplay.

MS set the bar high & Sony absolutely destroyed it in my eyes. Sony's showing kinda brought everything else down a touch.

Also important to note is that Sony didn't reveal many dates...people are assuming its because all of these games are very far out but it may be just as likely that Sony is finally learning from its mistakes & refraining from putting solid dates on games that may slip. Sad that some people are still complaining even though Sony may be working to fix those issues.

blackblades2961d ago

Sony won again, from watching sony it was less talking, don't remember seeing indies and a lot of good looking games.

ShadowKnight2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Sony won because of their first party studios and exclusive games. Spider-Man is huge. Sucker Punch didn't even announce their game yet.

Yetter2961d ago

More PC news than anything?? All of the games they showed are xbox games. If you've got an Xbox or a decent gaming Win10 PC, MS gave you plenty to be excited for

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Letthewookiewin2961d ago

Why the hell would anyone pick up an Xbox over a PS4? That's what I ask myself when I see Sonys lineup every E3. Scalebound is mediocre the more people see it, Forza 3H could have been an expansion, Gears 4, ok, and um oh ya a new system, better than the one nobody bought. Sony mudded MS. It's not even funny anymore.

rainslacker2961d ago

I'd say Sony, just because it was pretty impressive in presentation, pacing, and content shown.

MS had a pretty good conference though, showing plenty of games, some new hardware, and some nice new features for the system. I think a lot of the excitement that could have been generated for their conference was mitigated since we knew a lot about the half the games already, and some of their bigger announcements were kind of spoiled beforehand.

Pogmathoin2960d ago

Getting sweaty in here with all you guys rubbing it up... Sony had a better conference, but killed it? Yea, sure did..... this E3 has been a total buzzkill.....

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Pogmathoin2960d ago

More anti sony master race fanboy than pro Ms...... Some of ye are like mosquitos.....

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RoseSapphire2961d ago

This is a question? Microsoft had a good show. They should be proud.

Sony was on an entirely different level and had one of the best shows ever.


I agree! I wanted a PS4 after watching their conference, it was Amazing! Although my most excited piece to take away from the show was X1 Scorpio for me, but Sony def had the better game conference for sure!

Next_gen_20152960d ago

Yep sony won this e3 easily. God of war and Horizon zero looked great!

Double_O_Revan2961d ago

Easily Sony. We didn't even have time to recover from each reveal. They just kept pumping them out.

jcnba282961d ago

Microsoft easily. Scorpio announcement was truly something special. Well done Microsoft.

Nightmar3Demom2961d ago