Gamervision PAX 08: Eyes-On LotR Online: Mines of Moria

GV reports:

''I'll be honest; I don't play Lord of the Rings Online anymore. My time with the game was great, I loved it, and it ranks among my favorite MMORPGs for bringing the amazing and expansive world of Tolkien to life, but I simply don't have the time necessary to commit to the game, or any MMORPG for that matter. That said, every time I see the game in action and the direction that Turbine is taking it I want to jump back in. A few weeks back the Somethingcast interviewed the developers about the expansion and they explained a huge amount of detail about the underground persistent world of Moria, so I am going to spare the text going over that again. Just know that it's huge, and they don't bother with skyboxes or any other tricks, the entire thing physical, tangible, and amazing.

The main thing that really impressed me was the new items and the character classes. The developers have decided to take after the books and give characters signature items that they can customize in great detail by doing different quests and finding different items. Just like the traits, killing a certain amount of a different type of enemy might upgrade the weapon's damage, and completing quest could improve a shield or helmet's defense. After time you are able to actually name the weapon and have your own Sting, marrying an epic feel to even a somewhat ordinary aspect of the game.''

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