Insomniac Games’ Spider Man Confirmed PS4 Exclusive, Open World; More Info Shared

Today, during the YouTube Live broadcast hosted by Geoff Keighley, Creative Director Bryan Intihar provided more color on the newly announced Spider Man game.

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Germany72952d ago

Great news, the amazing partnership is back.
Can't wait for this game, one the best games of this E3.

IamTylerDurden12952d ago

The best part is that Sucker Punch still has a game to announce. Sony had an epic e3.

Germany72952d ago

Exactly, also i was really surprised when i saw that Insomniac is making the game.

I would love to play a new Infamous, i really love the series. Anything coming from Sucker Punch will be great.

slappy5082952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Hell yeah now I get an amazing spiderman game AND perhaps another Infamous. Hell yeah I just woke up and watched the conference.. Too many awesome stuff to take in

Deadpooled2952d ago

Epic E3, no nonsense with people coming out and talking for 5 or 10 minutes per game, just game after game after game!

Yi-Long2952d ago

Very happy Insomniac will be handling this. They have nice character-design and their games are always very colourful, funny and 'light', which suits Spider-Man.

Sunny_D2952d ago

I wonder if they will make a brand new ip? Or will they continue Delsin's story?

Inzo2952d ago

Any word on when said announcement will happen?

2952d ago
I_am_Batman2952d ago

I completely agree. I thought the idea of a good Spiderman game souded great but I didn't want Sucker Punch to make it cause they're one of my favorite studios and I'd rather see them make a new Infamous game or a new IP. I'm also a big fan of Insomniac games and honestly I'd rather see them working on a new Resistance game but Insomniac are usually working on multiple games simultaneously so that's perfect. Not to mention that the chances of a new Resistance by Insomniac are much smaller than the chances of a new Infamous game by Sucker Punch.

The Spiderman trailer looked great. Hopefully we'll get a gameplay demo soon.

Kratos0Ace2951d ago

1.Sucker punch (unknown game with melee combat)
2.Sony Cambridge (multi-million dollar franchise they were advertising to be making some years ago in job postings)
3.Studio Japan (Inevitable announcement of Knack 2 and Bloodborne)

Yup. Everything is possible when you own 15 studios.

bouzebbal2951d ago

what i was about to post..
Happy that IG are trying different things this gen.
Sign me in for this Spiderman game.

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miyamoto2952d ago

This Spidey totally caught me by surprise! Sony and Marvel really made a great partnership!

Fatal-Aim2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

'Sony can't take a notorious, third party game that is multi platform and make it completely exclusive. That's a pipe dream to you Sony sheep'

I guess like Street Fighter 5, that pipe dream just came true. This is what happens when you underestimate a competitor like Sony; they end up laying you flat on your behind all the while you're wondering how the heck you got on your butt to begin with. http://youtu.be/OuiEKm5dDrY

The point here is they APPEAR one way so that you CAN underestimate them. But their true form is a force to be reckoned with, hence why they are still standing and you on your azz.

Gardenia2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

It seems like we finally get a good Spiderman game

crazychris41242952d ago

The new movie is coming July 2017 so Im sure the game will come out sometime next year.

crazychris41242951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I know that but they still want the game out the same year because it increases revenue. Mad Max game had nothing to do with the movie but they still tried to release it alongside the movie. They had to delay it but it still came out the same year.

DragonKnight2951d ago

Won't increase revenue when people know that the game has nothing to do with the movie. It doesn't work that way. Mad Max tanked.

Ceaser98573612952d ago

And all this while I was thinking its Sucker Punch making this game.. Insomniac is a great dev. Hope we get an Amazing Spidey game.

starchild2952d ago

I actually prefer it this way. I think that Insomniac can do an excellent job on a game like this. And it also leaves Sucker Punch free to work on whatever they're working on, which I think will likely be great.

Ceaser98573612952d ago

exactly... Insominac is a good dev... loved SSOD , so looks like SP is either working on Infamous or a new game..

exkalibur972952d ago

i agree insomnaic is a great dev, but i still think sucker punch would have been the better choice with there experience with "superhero" games like infamous.

Ceaser98573612952d ago

Insomniac's SSOD was good .. Their wackiness will compliment Spidey

Kratos0Ace2951d ago

It's better that Insomniac does it. That way Sucker punch can do another exclusive for ps4. Let them roll

ninsigma2952d ago

"It’s not part of the films"
Everything I wanted to hear about this game right there!

Sunny_D2952d ago

Agreed! Now the story can be whatever they want to make it. So it won't be predictable if it was based off the movie.