Insomniac’s new PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game revealed – watch the trailer

"Hey everyone. Today at PlayStation’s Press Conference, we revealed our new Spider-Man game coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 (surprise!) You can see the trailer below. There are a few fun details embedded throughout the piece, so take your time watching! From a personal and professional standpoint, this is a dream come true."

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Majin-vegeta2961d ago

Yes its not tied in to the new movie!!!Hey insomniac afyer this any chance of budging Sony for another Resistance ;)

ninsigma2961d ago

Thank God! This is waht I was hoping for. A good standalone game. Looks really good from what I saw, Diggin the suit.

KingofGambling2960d ago

Yes, please. On the new Resistance for the PS4.

hirobrotagonist2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Looks like it may be good, not sold on the costume though. It looks like the Civil War Costume (which I love) but why did they make the logo white/silver?

Overload2961d ago

It will most likely have multiple costumes. I don't mind the one they showed.

hirobrotagonist2961d ago

I'm sure it'll have multiple and I don't mind, the silver just looks off after having been a huge Spiderman fan for 20+ years and reading over 400 of the comics, playing most of the games and watching all the movies. I can't help that the black logo is sort of ingrained in my feel for the character. This game looks great though.

ninsigma2961d ago

Yo quick question (seeing as you've read the comics. Are the Ultimate spiderman comics worth a read (if you've read them)?? I was hoping to start the story from the beginning and follow through with it and ultimate spiderman seems to be the best/easiest way to do that.

ThatArtGuy2961d ago

The Ultimate books are a completely different continuity. They're a fine read, but are totally different than the main books.

hirobrotagonist2961d ago

I wasn't a big fan of the whole Peter Parker web-designer and young kid feel of the Ultimates personally, I only read a couple of them though. One of my good friends was a huge fan of it, so your mileage may vary!

ninsigma2960d ago

Thanks Guys! It'll probably be the one I get into because I'd like to read from the start and catch up but there's too many of the main universe spidey comics for that to be possible for me.

jb2272961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Haha yup...... My love of Spider-Man runs longer than my love of games and the white is off putting...only white spider I've ever seen on the chest belongs to the black costume.

That said that is an extreme nitpick...I know the alternate outfits will be tremendous, the game will be amazing & here's hoping the story matches up.

Couldn't be happier about this news...may even trump the idea of Sucker Punch doing this game...SP is mainly versed in open worlds, which had me thinking their version may stick to the city too much....Spidey deserves some proper Arkham type themed levels leading up to another villain in his rogues gallery...

Hoping this means that the new head of Marvel gaming wasn't full of it when he said he loves console gaming & wants to pursue it. About time Marvel gave DC some competition in this realm...

rainslacker2961d ago

I wasn't really too thrilled with the costume, but figured there'd be skins to allow different ones.

Game play shown OTOH, was what I'd want from a spidey game. Just looked great IMO.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm2961d ago

I thought it was gonna be sucker punch considering how much infamous feels like those old open-world spider-man games.

humanmap2961d ago

me too i thought its gonna be sucker punch. So what suckerpunch project right now?

Darkfist2961d ago

me too, i cant complain though, sucker punch would be able to make new infamous game now

EDKICK2961d ago

Looks really good. I wonder about the future of Marvel games. Will there be an Xbox or PC exclusive game? are they all PS4 exclusive? What characters are being developed for? Who is developing Marvel games? Will Marvel allow freedom to not be movie tie-ins? It will be an interesting thing to watch in the industry going foward. For now PS4 owners get to play a game perfectly suited to a fantastic developer as an X1 owner I'm jealous.

DanteVFenris6662961d ago

hold on man....

dont get your hopes up that marvel will just be throwing out all their ips and technically those games already exist. Their was an irom man, hulk, thor, they just sucked(besides hulks ulltimate destruction for ps2). I also believe it was activisions choice to do movie tie ins to get the most money with the hype.

SO by the looks of it we are getting a good spidey game but I wouldnt say any other marvel franchises will become games. Spidey has always been a video game franchise it has like probably over 20 games, so not suprising marvel still supports that

EDKICK2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Marvel recently (last year or two) said they were going to take far better care of their IP in regards to gaming. Do far less movie tie in stuff. Invest more in gaming and make a priority of working with talented developers. There is at least one game in development at Telltale. I'm just wondering about this new "era" of Marvel games.

phoenixwing2961d ago

I'll probably buy it. I like the games insomniac makes.

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