Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Monday 1st September 2008

Console Monster writes: "Pinch, punch it's the first of the month and there's some punching involved in the FaceBreaker theme out today. There's also a Gears of War 2 video and Too Human gamer themes. Here is the full Xbox Live Marketplace update for Monday 1st September 2008:

Name: E3 2008: Gears of War 2 Reception - Video
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions except Germany

Name: FaceBreaker Character Montage Theme
Price: 150 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Too Human Gamer Themes Set 8 - Heroes Game Theme
Price: 150 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions..."

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PeaceNdLove3701d ago

We all love eachother, thats why we visit N4G everyday. It is because we enjoy having our little arguments together, I have been visiting this website a lot, and always check the comments section to see if others have the same view as mine. We 'fanboys' love other 'fanboys' even though we insult eachother. I know for sure everyone has the following people on their love list:

and many others!

Increase the love people.. Increaseee! Let me be on your list haha :P

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

Meh, not paying for themes MS!

But still beats the PSN update for today.. Which was what again?

Dyingduck3700d ago

How themes cost money...esp. Too Flop Theme