Alpha Sign Ups For Ubisoft's For Honor Now Live

For Honor is a great looking multiplayer from Ubisoft that pits Vikings, Samurai and Knights against each other in brutal close quarters melee combat.

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scark922863d ago


Oh... Nice

Jimkahn2863d ago

they have been up since last years e3..... im still waiting dammit

ziadmessi2863d ago

http://ubi.li/nq7q4 the link if anyone who is lazy like me to click on the link


For Honor Year 8, Forged in War Sets March 14th Date

Time for battle. Today, For Honor announced that its Year 8, Forged in War, starts on March 14 with the first of four new seasons. Each season will tell standalone stories focused on special weapons unique to one of For Honor’s factions.


For Honor Celebrates 35 Million Players With A Viking Hero

This is a great achievement. Today, For Honor celebrated reaching 35 million players and announced that its first fully armored Viking Hero, the Varangian Guard, will join the game on February 1.

ThinkThink80d ago

Wow, this game is still going! Have not played it yet but wondering if it's worth jumping into


I played it when it first came out and it's pretty solid though I did moved on from the MP fairly quick... I did enjoy the campaign and I see the game on sale for a few dollars so I do recommend picking it up on sale.

Garethvk80d ago

It has plenty of action and updates.

Garethvk80d ago

They have had many good updates along the way. There was a great one where you had to defend an attack and you could use hot oil and all kinds of things to defend.


For Honor: Year 7 Season 3 Ghost Trailer

This looks like some Spooky fun.For Honor’s new season, Deceit, is coming on September 14, and the atmosphere is about to get otherworldly. Year 7 Season 3’s story opens with the Ghost Festival, a Wu Lin celebration to honor the dead with offerings and performances, running from September 14 to October 5.

Eidolon220d ago

7 years already, jesus. People play it still. It was fun but not the sticking around years kinda fun.

Garethvk220d ago

Just shows that some games have a real core.