New Xbox One Hardware Outshines E3 2016 Game Lineup

new Xbox One hardware is what made the E3 2016 Xbox Media Briefing worth it. With a lack-luster games line-up, hopefully new hardware will keep Xbox afloat.

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TheSuperior 2483d ago

I was hopping for more on games but the hardware was enough to keep me happy. Project Scorpio here I came. That looks awesome. I think next year Xbox will slay. It took them a while to come back after the Xbox One announcement but they are on their way to be competitive again.

SourtreeDing2483d ago

what a boring conference god damn.. im pissed.. only Sea of Theives and State of Decay2 intrest me not enough for a Console buy

badz1492482d ago

At E3, THAT was kinda sad! First off, they obviously don't know how to keep things from leaking. And you can already anticipate the disappointment when they completely abandoned their "best lineup in Xbox history" tag! It pretty much meant that they don't have anything to show for it and it was a one off deal last year. It was a mediocre conference IMO.