Microsoft's E3 Conference: A Mediocre Showing

"We finally witnessed Microsoft's E3 Conference in 2016 and we offer our thoughts on why the show was a mixed bag, with some strong points but a lot of weak ones."

Gameondaily offer their thoughts on the E3 show

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Overload2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Agreed. It was OK. Sea Of Thieves looks like it could be fun.

BiggerBoss2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I agree it was pretty meh, aside from the Scorpio announcement.

Did they not show Crackdown? I really wanted to see more of its Cloud capabilities.

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Sweendog0072961d ago

How can you agree with this article if you didn't watch it ? Or you did you watch it but not sure what they showed ?

Your comment did they not show crackdown ? Means you didn't watch it and just reading what articles are saying

bouzebbal2961d ago

The current X1 obviously cannot compute what they have shown in Crackdown so far, and that's the reason they are making an X1 with updated specs. Crackdown will be a launch title mark my words.
I started the conference at Minecraft. No idea what they showed before that but what i saw was so boring, especially Scalebound.

Magnes2961d ago

I think Project Scorpio killed the cloud tech thing.

PistolsAtDawn2961d ago

Apparently it will be at gamescon

Gazondaily2961d ago

Scorpio didn't kill the Cloud tech lol. Even Scorpio can't do that stuff locally. Its too much.

Expect to see Crackdown at Gamescom.

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Erik73572961d ago

In terms of content shown yea but that cross play announcement for pc gaming was honestly the most chill thing i've seen a gaming company do.

jessionpc2961d ago

I liked Sea of Thieves a bit, State of Decay 2 really has my attention and Dead Rising 4 might be fun... God, Gears4 looks bad imo...

But I sit here wondering, as awesome as Scorpio sounds... It's super flat for me, I got a much more powerful gaming pc than the scorpio, "I got it like... 3 years ago lol", and it's not bottlenecked by platform or 8gb of ram or a 5200 rpm hdd...

Yea idk... I'll pass probably...

Elvfam5112961d ago

Love seeing sea of thieves and gears 4 was ehh to me. Love how the new xbox looks also but since most of the gamea are coming to windows no need to buy one.

PistolsAtDawn2961d ago

Yeah, but you had your opinion written before the show started.

Mr-Dude2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

It was okay. Lot of 3rd party filler, big mistake imo for announcing the Xbox S and the Scorpio.
Scorpio looks like a beast, but without a 4K tv you ain't gonna see that. And no exclusives, then what? Nothing...

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gangsta_red2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Going to have to agree with this "clickbait" ;) article.

It was a mediocre showing filled with 3rd party filler.

Some of the most cringe worthy gameplay demos I have ever subjected my ears to listen too. That Minecraft demo was terrible, seriously, they should hire actors if they are going to pretend to be excited when playing games.

Gwent? I couldn't believe that was on stage.

We Happy Few is a good game, but that demo was sleep worthy for an on stage presentation. The pacing was just way too slow.

Then Inside, one of the only games I wanted to see in action got a trailer that showed us nothing about the game.

Seriously, I can go on and on about the many mistakes MS made with this E3.

I guess one good thing was at least a lot of these games are coming soon.

Gazondaily2961d ago

Haha not you too Gangsta!

Yeah the leaks did some real damage to the show but in general, where were the new IPs?! Pretty poor.

But dat Scorpio...holy.. What is that gonna cost?!

I_am_Batman2961d ago

Hard to say really with knowing only the TFLOPS. It could be anything from 650$ up to 1000$. When they publish more hardware information especially about the CPU it'll be easier to make an educated guess. If I had to take a bet right now I'd put my money on 749$ (which would probably still be a really good deal for the power that's inside).

Yetter2961d ago

@I_am_Batman No chance, its just not gonna happen. The ceiling for a console is 499.00 and MS knows this. New fancy GPUs coming out this year, MS is gonna be ordering GPUs in bulk.

gangsta_red2961d ago

Scorpio was cool but honestly I want to see new games.

And MS is sitting on a glorious mountain of dormant IP's that they should be announcing and presenting.

Great...6TFLOPS, 4k gaming, but all that means jack shit if they don't have the games I'm interested in.

I mean E3 so far is nothing more than telling us a lot of what we already knew from last year. If the rest of the conference is this mediocre than I can honestly say E3 is overrated and should perhaps be a bi-yearly thing. This way it will give companies a little more time to announce new games and show off actual gameplay.

I_am_Batman2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

@Yetter: I'd take almost any bet that it won't be 499$ or less. I don't see how it would be possible to launch a 6TFLOP console in 2017 for 499$ without taking a huge loss on every console sold no matter how much mass ordering MS is doing.

Keep in mind that this is meant to be a premium high end product. I wouldn't be surprised if MS would launch a medium tier Xbox that is spec'd between the Xbox One S and the Scorpio.

Edit: Actually I just realised that I was basing my argumentation on Nvidia GPUs. Since MS is probably going to use AMD take what I've said with a grain of salt. I still doubt it'll be 499$ or less though. We'll have to wait and see until MS unveils the full hardware specs and/ or price to know for sure.

Errorist762961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

AMD's 6TF card is 199,-, so assuming even 399,- isn't unrealistic at all. Still a stupid move because developers are gonna support Sony instead because they can rely on them, even if the NEO is gonna be weaker.

Zeref2961d ago

I'd say gamescom for new IP's

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pompombrum2961d ago

As a PS4/PC gamer these days I disagree.. the Xbox conference was a better PC gaming conference than the PC gaming conference lol.

garrettbobbyferguson2961d ago

The PC conference had so many games, you must be high to think that. Either that or you're one of those people that can't accept a game unless it's being developed by a "AAA" studio with a billion dollar budget.

Goldby2961d ago

i really enjoyed the dodge roll simulator they showed off for Final Fantasy XV