Why the Skyrim HD announcement has left me with mixed feelings

Mrs Nesbitt from NerdHub writes: "As a long-time Scrolls fan, I give my take on the Skyrim HD announcement."

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alexgibson2045d ago

Skyrim Remaster is likely to be a big cashcow for Bethesda. Makes perfect sense. Plenty of people still buying it today on PC and the previous console generation, so the remaster is definitely going to do well.

thekhurg2045d ago

The biggest thing about the Skyrim remastered reveal is I believe it points to Bethesda making a new engine for TES 6. This remaster is simply a filler release to tide people over until they can rework the countless loading screens of their current development style.

They got a lot of shit for Fallout 4 using the same old engine from Morrowind. They're about to change their formula.

Summons752045d ago

It could be but if it gives them time to keep us content while waiting for the long waited Elder Scrolls 6, I'll play along.

TheSuperior 2045d ago

I mean I like the idea because Id love to replay the game and I love that it looks so good but there's no hiding the fact that its just there to make money.

Pongwater2045d ago

You can say the same about the vast majority of games, or any product for that matter. It's a business.

HowdyPazuzu2045d ago

Will it still contain all the bugs that they have never patched to this day?

Pongwater2045d ago

No no no, it will contain remastered and upgraded bugs!

I'd rather have seen a new ES announced, but I know I'll buy Skyrim again.

RustyShackleford2045d ago

Anybody else getting a bit tired of all the HD remasters? How about some new games I don't already own/haven't played before?

Kreisen2045d ago

You can play Skyrim on max setting with full mod support right now on even the cheapest laptop. So yeah i feel its just kinda pointless.

kcuthbertson2045d ago

MAX settings with FULL mod support on the CHEAPEST LAPTOP? Have you ever attempted game on a cheap laptop? My two year old Alienware 14 STRUGGLES to run the game on max

I'm not saying that cheap laptops can't run the game on it's LOWEST settings, but saying a $300 laptop will run Skyrim on Max setting is just asenine...

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