Jonathan Blow and a handful of journalists blames the Orlando mass shooting on violent video games

The Orlando mass shooting incident is beyond insane. And I just found out that Jonathan Blow (and a handful of journalists) blamed the Orlando mass shooting on violent games. So here´s my (Robin Ek, TGG) thoughts on the matter.

TGG_overlord2962d ago

I bet that Blow is just jealous of the success of FPS series such as "Battlefield" and "COD".

Errorist762962d ago


Ask Donald Trump!

GamingIVfun2962d ago

In all these cases of mass shooting the perpetrators were mentally unhinged, these people could be influenced by anything, but they probably see very little in a rational way. Making video games, TV and Movies and journalistic media the scapegoat for hate and violence to avoid real problems like bigotry, mental illness, lack of gun control, the sale of semi automatic weapons (guns created to kill large amounts human beings easily), is wrong and too easy.

Their are multiple reasons for this terrible kind of behavior, we need to address all of them.

saywat2472962d ago

i dont recall ever playing a game which the player is part of an isis terrorist group and is told to shoot up nightclubs and movie theatres and so fourth. can anyone recall such a game? dumbass journalists just trying to stir things up and put blame on a certain community. what about all the violent movies that come out?? that doesnt provoke terrorists attacks right it's just games? these irrelevent journalists really are dumb aren't they? making stupid claims with not a piece of evidence to support it. if video games didn't exist i wonder what these fools would place the blame on.

solideagle2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I would agree with him partially. Thes3 games create nothing but hatred. First it was russians then germans and now muslims. When u see media hate someones gonna go crazy.
There might be difference of opinions but in the end we are all humans. My condolences to famillies. Very sad to hear this news.

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Dark_Knightmare22962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

No they don't there has been plenty of studies that have shown violent games not to be responsible for hatred,murder etc. It's ridiculous this kind of stuff is still brought up every time a tragedy occurs instead of oh I don't know tighter gun control but no we'll just blame it on video games and quietly sweep the real problem under the rug

OoglyBoogly2962d ago


Tighter gun control is hardly what's needed. If we're going to do that then why not have tighter religion control? Or tighter control and mental facilities and testing everyone periodically? Most of these attacks are due to religion in some way or another so why do we just allow it to go unchecked? Most people that own guns, a vast majority, aren't violent and shoot up people. Why limit them while not limited the ACTUAL problem?

Plus, if you want to kill people you'll find a way either way. Look at the Boston Marathon. There were no guns there, just improvised explosives. Guns aren't the problem, people are the problem. Jacked mentalities are the problem.

And don't take this the wrong way either. I'm not some gun nut, I'm a pacifist that doesn't even own a gun. All I'm saying is if we're going to point the blame stick at something let's point it to the actual issue.

solideagle2962d ago

I think i should have said media creates hatred and video games are one format of media. I myself am gamer and it does not affect me but some lunatic will get the wrong idea.
Again this idiot was an idiot and We shouldn't generalise like muslims/islam is the problem. Problem was this crazy guy.

trooper_2962d ago

No game tells anyone to go on a shooting spree and kill innocent people. This guy was sick, plain and simple.

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Letthewookiewin2962d ago

How bout a crazy friggin Muslim decided it would be a good idea to shoot innocent people. Friggin Blow.

trooper_2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

...I knew the blame game was coming.

This argument is as old as stale bread.

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Null19802962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

So sad. Nevermind that the guy had a warped ideology. ISIS warped him, not video games. There were at least a couple of girls who died from my hometown of Lakeland, FL in this. :\ My sincerest condolences go out to their families and all the other families effected in this.

TGG_overlord2962d ago

With no doubt, and I´m very sorry to hear it. And I think it´s time for action now, so that something like this won´t happen ever again.

dp2774072962d ago

I'm from Lakeland, Sorry to hear about that I had a couple people that were friends of friends die but thats as close.

Null19802962d ago

That's cool to see another Lakelander on here. I moved away 2 years ago, but grew up there most of my life.

Yea, you hear about people dying sometimes... but its a weird feeling knowing how close terrorism has come to our small town. My family still lives there. Crazy.

dp2774072962d ago

Same here OtterX I lived there for more than half my life and have been away for a few years but still all my family on my Father's side is down there still. It is weird for something like this to happen so close and if it did I always thought it would be a Disney kinda thing

BosSSyndrome2962d ago

I agree that video games dont cause violence, but ISIS? You guys know he was an american citizen from NY right?

Null19802962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Haven't you read the reports? He declared allegiance to ISIS,

"During his rampage, Mateen spoke with a 911 dispatcher three times, Comey said, pledging loyalty to ISIS but also the brothers who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon and the Al Nusra bomber. Mateen called the brothers his "homeboys," according to Hank Shaw, who runs the FBI's Boston office."

That's the issue, homegrown ISIS/terrorist sympathizers.

DragonKnight2962d ago

Don't be so quick to believe that ISIS really has anything to do with it. There are times when people will claim any reason to justify their hate. The reason for his shooting is homophobia. His own father spoke of a time in which the shooter was out with his son and saw two men being affectionate with each other and he couldn't stand it. He said (paraphrased) "Look at that, they're doing that in front of my son."

He hated gays. Had nothing to do with ISIS even though they are claiming it. They'll claim anything.

Gardenia2962d ago

So the reason is not that you can buy machine guns which normally are only used in a war

TGG_overlord2962d ago

Nice =) I´ll check it out ;)

Null19802962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Great writeup. Did you submit here on N4G? I was touched last night by how some of the Bethesda developers and even the developers of Mafia III (in an IGN interview I was watching) acknowledged it. Here they are making really violent games, but you can see the compassion and humanity in their eyes and their words. Experiencing real world violence is completely different than video game violence. I don't get affected by movies and games..... but man, once I clicked on a video on a news site that showed an actual ISIS beheading. I felt sick to my stomach, didn't even finish it. For MOST people, I think they would feel this way. It's just not the same.

Edit- great writeups from both of you.

TGG_overlord2962d ago

Thank you =) Yes ;) Oh? I´m glad to hear that they feel that way. And yes, it´s not the same. It´s not the tools but the people who pull of crazy stunts like the Orlando mass shooting.