Gamestyle Review: Siren: Blood Curse

Gamestyle writes: "One day Gamestyle believes more developers will get episodic content right. Sam and Max was the closest, but the less said about Half Life and its two year development times the better. Siren: Blood Curse is a strange one. Presented as episodic with each requiring a lengthy download and install. It even has In the next episode and Previously segments making it seem like an episode of LOST or Heroes. Yet every episode was released on the PSN at the same time making the whole point of it being episodic meaningless."

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Vicophine3701d ago

Sounds more like a review of the method of distribution...I just imported the BD release, solid 8/10 game IMO.

PimpHandStrong3701d ago

im not moving fast because i just havent got into it

but im in act three with the little girl on the run

the game really makes u feel scared!

so far for me


nieto3701d ago

come on a 6?!!!! i beat this games a few days ago it was awesome!!!!! an 8 would be my score.

ernsttco3701d ago

PS3 games are cursed to continued to be hated on. I'm up to ch 8. First folklore and now this, Sony's Japan studio are creeping up the ladder as one of my favs.